HomeSeekers App Updates – December 15, 2016

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The HomeSeekers App is getting an update to v2.6 December 15, 2016


1. New App Icon

  • A fresh look for a fresh app!

app icon in rounded square.jpg



2. Realist Tax Integration (For Agents Only)

  • You can long press on a parcel to see Public Record information for a property.



  • Realist View, Agent Only view with more detaild tax information.




  • Non-Realist/Consumer Views.



  • The Ability to perform address search that returns both MLS & Realist Tax Record results.



  • Listing & Realist Tax information on distinct tabs for easier view of information.



3. Extended Login

  • Users no longer need to repeadedly log in using their credentials. The system will verify your credentials once a day.

4. No Listings Found

  • When no listings are found on the map, the system will automatically zoom to the closest match. If there are no matches, the user will be prompted to edit the search criteria.

5. My Listings – Co-Listing Agent

  • My Listings feature can now include listings where the agent is the Co-Listing Agent.

6. New Search (Location|Address|Listing #)

  • The new search has been improved to explicitly show the three main ways users may search.




  • Pick list fields such as city, area, county, school, subdivision and zip code.
  • Can include current location, drawn and map area.
  • As a user types, suggestions will appear. Users may enter up to 5 locations within the search.


  • Used when a user is interested in finding a specific property.

Listing # 

  • Users may enter up to 5 listings numbers separated by commas for any search.


7. Home Assist Enhancements

  • HomeAssist has been updated with a new user interface.
  • Receive Push Notifications for HA Message & Listings shared.


  • Ability to have multiple participants involved in a conversation with the agent. 






    • See anyone favorites in the group.
    • Email & call participants in the group by touch of the icons.
    • Start new conversations & forward pervious messages.
    • Ability to share Listings to Home Assist including other favorites.
    • Archive or mute conversations.




  • Ability for consumer to create & update their profile (including uploading photo or utilizing Facebook) for easier communication.