How to Exclude a Listing from the MLS

in CRMLS ComplianceMatrix Listing Management


  • Step 1: Seller Instruction to Exclude Listing

    • Pick what Form will be used (CRMLS Exclusion Form Form or C.A.R. SELM)
    • Discuss the details of exclusion with the Seller so an informed decision is made by the Seller.
  • Step 2: Upload Information and Exclusion Form to CRMLS or local Association

  • Step 3: Input Listing into MLS per Seller’s Instructions after Exclusion Period ends

    • During Listing Input on the Basic Tab check the “Was an Exclusion filed?” box
    • On the Office/MLS Tab enter the “On Market Date” only if option B or C was initialed by the Seller on the CRMLS Exclusion Form


Details for Each Step

STEP ONE:  CRMLS Exclusion Form

1) Explain each paragraph to the Seller, and have at least one Seller initial each of three explanatory paragraphs.

2) Explain to the Seller how CRMLS calculates the Days on Market (DOM).

3) Discuss the definition of Marketing as used in DOM. Marketing focuses on the “public” dissemination of information about the listing. Some examples of marketing activities are included in the form. The CRMLS definition of Marketing does not include conversations with existing clients or customers of the Listing Broker.

4)  Discuss the benefits and impact of marketing versus not marketing of the Listing during the Exclusion Period.

a) If marketing occurs from the start of the Exclusion Period (Form Option A), then the first day of the DOM will be the Listing Contract Start Date. The cost for marketing the Listing during the Exclusion Period is that if the Listing is entered into the MLS at a later date, those marketing days will be counted as Days on Market.

b) If Marketing will NOT occur during the Exclusion Period (Form Option B or C), then the Listing Agent will be given the opportunity to modify the On Market Date during listing input. The first day of the DOM calculation will then be the On Market Date rather than the Listing Contract Start Date. This option is best used when the property is being prepared for market, so that the days of preparation will not be counted in the DOM.

4) Have at least one of the Sellers initial only ONE of the four options presented and insert dates. No number of days, or other type of instructions will be accepted. ONLY dates may be inserted into the form.

5) Have the form signed by the Broker or Office Manager. Forms signed by only the Listing Agent are not acceptable, and will not fulfill the requirements of the CRMLS Rules.


STEP TWO:  Submit information and Exclusion Form at


                        1) Go to

                        2) Complete each line of the form by providing the information requested, then click NEXT.

  3) Select from the drop down menu the Form that was signed by the Seller and Broker/Office Manager. Either the CRMLS Form or the C.A.R. SELM form. Click NEXT.

                        4) Insert the date ONLY in the box that corresponds to the instruction from the Seller. Please note that if the Seller initialed Option C, then TWO dates need to be inserted. Click NEXT.

  5) Click the “Select Files” button, and locate the signed Exclusion Form using the browser which will open automatically. Choose the appropriate file.

  6) Click SUBMIT, and your completed form will be processed.


STEP THREE:  Input Listing into MLS per your Seller’s Instructions

                        1) Begin the Listing Input process as you normally would.

                        2) On the BASICS tab scroll to the bottom section.

                        3) Place a CHECK in the box ”Was an EXCLUSION FORM filed?”

Listing Exclusion 1

4) On the OFFICE/MLS tab the “On Market Date” field will be available for input.

5) Only if the CRMLS Exclusion form was filed, AND the Seller selected B or C, may the Listing Agent place a date in the “On Market Date” field.

Listing Exclusion 2

 6) The “On Market Date” must be the actual day marketing of the Listing began, or the date specified on the CRMLS Exclusion Form, whichever date is earliest.

 7) Please be advised that the CRMLS Compliance Department monitors and verifies the MLS input against the filed Exclusion Forms. If the “On Market Date” field contains any input, then the system will look for a timely filed Exclusion Form. If there is no timely filed form, or if any information between the filed Form and the MLS input are not consistent, a Citation may be issued, and could result in fines or other discipline consistent with the CRMLS Rules.