How to Import Contact(s)

in Matrix How To

In this QRG, you will learn how to Import Contact(s).  Before you begin, make sure you have exported your contacts from Microsoft Outlook or another contact management system in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.  Then follow the steps listed to import your contacts.

Note: Contacts that do not contain a first name, last name, or email address will not be imported.

Step 1: Under the My Matrix tab, Click on Contacts

Step 2: Click the Import button

Step 3: Click Choose File to browse your computer and locate the exported CSV file

Note: To update existing contacts with the information in your CSV file, click the Update existing contacts with imported information checkbox

Step 4: Click Import to import your contacts

Step 5: When the import is complete, you will see the results of the import.  Click Done to return to the Contacts page