How to Save and Manage Saved Searches in Matrix


Save Search allows you to Save the search creiteria for your client. This time saver feature allows you to generate and modify a search quickly without inputting the critieria each time you geerate the search.

Step 1: From the Home page of Matrix click on Search. Select the desired property search and fill in your search crieria for your client.



Step 2: In the Search Results page click the Save button and select New Saved Search.



Step 3: Enter a Search Name and select a Contact for your search. If you do not hav a contact in CRMLS Matrix, click Create a New Contact to input your new contact.

Step 4: Click Save to save the search.


Step 5: After you have saved your search, to run or manage your saved search go to My Matrix tab and click the Saved Searches Link. Remember, you can filter your client or use the Search field to locate them easily.


Step 6: Under the Saved Searches page, click on the triangle    to expand your options.  

Click on the following action buttons to:

  • Settings: Allows you to enter a Save Search name, Description, Assign an Contact and enable this search into an Auto Email.
  • Criteria: Allows you to revise the search criteria for your save search. Don't forget to cleck Save to save your changes.
  • Results: Will pull all listings that match your Saved Search criteria.
  • Date Since: Will search new listings since the generated the search.
  • Market Update: Allows you to generate new listings since the last search date or you can speciy a date range or specific date to generate your search criteria.
  • Delete: Select Delete to permanently remove your Save Search from your contact.