Managing Contacts & Prospects In Matrix

in Matrix Features & Settings


Under My Matrix tab to Contacts, you have the ability to view and modify all items assigned to that Contact. Here you have access to Contact Details, Auto Emails, Saved Searches, CMAs and Sent Emails.

Step1: Click the Contacts link in the My Matrix Tab. To expand a Contact click the Contact’s Name or the triangle to the left of the Contact’s name. You also have the option to filter or search for a particular contact.



Step 2: Click the triangle next to the Details, Auto Emails, Saved Searches, CMAs or Sent Email section you want to work with.

  • Details: Allows you to view the Personal Home and Business Information of your contact.
  • Auto Emails: Allows you to view and edit auto-email settings for your client.
  • Saved Searches: Allows you to view and edit previously saved searches.
  • CMAs: Allows you to view, edit, and delete previously saved CMAs.
  • Sent Email: Allows you to view Direct Email, Auto Email and CMA's along with its respective viewed history and content.