Matrix: How to Manage Syndication in Matrix (Agents)

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Agents, please note: If your Broker has not yet opted-in OR has chosen to opt-in to syndication without giving agents the ability to choose their own syndication options, (If office is set to “No Agent Choice”), you will not have access to the “Manage Syndication” link in Matrix.

If your Broker has opted-in to syndication, (If office is set to “Allow Agent Choice”) you may take the following steps to manage your syndication options:

  1. Log in to Matrix.
  2. Click on the ADD/EDIT tab.
  3. Under the Roster section, type your AGENT ID into the Quick Modify field and click Edit.



4. Under Modify Member, click on the Manage Syndication link. (If office is set to “Allow Agent Choice”)



5. To opt-in to syndication, click the box next to, and/or Zillow/Trulia under the Syndicate To section.

6. Finalize the process by clicking Submit Agent.