Matrix Email History

in Matrix Features & Settings


CRMLS Matrix keeps a history of Direct Email, Auto Email and sent CMAs that are sent to your Matrix contact(s). It allows you to know if your client has viewed the information you sent them through CRMLS Matrix.

Step 1: To view Email History, click on the My Matrix tab, and under Contacts click on the link for Sent Email.



Step 2: In the Sent Email page, you can view Auto Emails, CMAs and Direct Email history information sent to your client. You have the ability to filter information by sorting Direct or Auto Email by using the Search or Filter menu.



To find detail information , click on the Triangle EmailHistory_ScreenShot_3 icon next to the Date sent column.


Note: Below are different Types of information that can be sent through CRMLS Matrix.

  • Direct Email & CMA: Allows you to click the number of listings or CMAs under the Contents column next to viewed listings.


  • Auto Emails allow you to click on the Date or Triangle EmailHistory_ScreenShot_3 icon to modify the actions for Auto Email: Settings, Revise, Full Search, Open in Portal, and Delete Auto Email.



Step 3: After you have expanded the Email history; the Viewed column will let you know the date if your client has opened your email sent by CRMLS Matrix.

Note: If Initial email appears under the Contents column, this means your client has not opened your Auto Email. After your client clicks on the viewed listings link in their Email, the system will continue to send listings.

Step 4: Click the Open Portal button, to view your clients Favorite, Possible and Discarded Listings.