Matrix: How to Use the Interactive Customer Portal


Your clients have the ability to interact with their Emails and Auto Emails. This feature allows your clients to select listings as their Favorites, Possibilities, and Discard unwanted properties. Your client's selection will let you know which properties they are interested in.

Client's View of Portal

Step 1: Create an Email or Auto Email for your client and an email will be sent to your client. Your client will click on a link to retrieve listings that have matched their criteria.



Step 2: Your client can add listings to  Favorites, Possibilities, or Discard properties. They can filter listings by unread notes, with notes or show other sets of properties to view. 

Note: Your client's Favorites, Possibilitiies, and Discard listings will be saved and can be retrieved each time your clients open their Portal.


Agent's View of Portal

As an agent, you can view your client's comments of their favorite, possible, or unwanted properties.

Step 1: Go to Auto Emails under the My Matrix tab. Find your client and click on Open in Portal.

Step 2: In the portal you can click and view your client's Favorites, Possibilities, and Discarded properties.





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