AOR/BOR Training Registration Instructions 12/18/2018

Want to attend a CRMLS training class at an Association or Board office? Follow the steps below to register for Events at an AOR/BOR.


To register for events, go to and select View List under Education:



Under the Education section, select AOR/BOR Classroom Training:



You will be directed to the Classroom Training list where you can search by Association, date, class topic, etc.  Select Sign Up next to the training event you would like to attend.



From the sign-up link, the system will send you to the event platform, where you will see the overview of the training, the sessions that will be held, a bio of the Systems Expert who will be presenting, and a contact page for any questions, concerns, or comments:



To register, select Register on the Overview tab or in the upper right-hand corner.



Once you register, select the number of tickets you want to reserve for the training event:



Add to your cart (remember:  all CRMLS trainings are available at no additional cost) and enter your First/Last name, email and User MLS ID. Once the required information is entered, click Register in the upper right-hand corner:




You will be directed to a final confirmation page, where you can verify the information and select Complete Rregistration in the upper right-hand corner:



You will receive an email confirmation after each completed registration.


December 2019

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