Cloud Streams: Update 4/16/19


In 2019, Cloud Streams developer W + R Studios is making improvements to the back end of Cloud Streams.

These enhancements include UI/UX changes that improve upon the core usability of the product. W + R Studios intends to migrate all users over to the new version at the same time. Doing so alleviates a host of issues that come with maintaining two versions in tandem. Additionally, this new version of Cloud Streams will enable the developers to rapidly roll out new features in the future. 

Here are the highlights

Activity Stream

Similar to many social media apps, Cloud Streams users will now have an Activity Stream.  Here, an agent can scroll through a stream of their clients’ interactions with Cloud Streams. Capabilities include:

  • View a chronological feed of an agent’s clients’ likes, comments, and alerts.
  • View listings that clients received alerts about.
  • View stats: number of clients, likes in past 30 days, comments in past 30 days.



Simplified Property Stream Creation

W + R Studios has streamlined the ability for agents to create new property streams.  Here are some of the changes:

  • The new UI/UX allows elimination of Valet and Self Serve options
  • Users start with a single search field (City, Area or Zip code)
  • The new UI shows both listings and map view
  • It is now easier to add multiple people to a property stream



Property Streams

Property streams have improved bringing some UI/UX ideas from other Cloud Agent Suite products.

  • New split-screen map view with toggle (upper-right)
  • Start editing criteria to get live search results while you tune your stream.


  • Stream cards with listing images and badges that indicate clients on said stream, number of likes and comments, criteria.
  • View/Like/Hide/Comment on listings.
  • Stream Listing Card comment icon will take you to the listing page and open the comment section.
  • Updated Streams Listing Detail
  • One-click access to other Cloud Agent Suite products




  • Client cards with avatars, last activity time
  • Client Detail


  • View activity feed for individual client
  • View streams for individual client
  • View favorites (listings) for individual client
  • Fetch social profile info




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