COVID-19 and Real Estate – San Diego Paragon FAQs

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In these rapidly changing times, we at CRMLS want to provide you with the resources necessary to understand how to adapt your business. Below are answers to a few questions we’ve received.

1. Can I still practice real estate?

Yes. The California Association of REALTORS®’ Stay at Home Guidelines provides some excellent resources to assist you in determining what activities and services you can do as normal versus those that need to be modified. Specific attention should be given to current C.A.R. guidance providing that “REALTORS® should cease doing all in-person marketing or sales activities, including showings, listing appointments, open houses and property inspections.”

We are developing resources to make even more of the MLS-related aspects of the business of real estate virtual. This includes some technological enhancements and some rule modifications to allow for buyers to see details about properties without having to be physically present. Return to this page regularly to see what’s new.

2. Can I place an open house in the MLS?

On March 21, 2020, CRMLS began removing traditional open house options from all MLS systems, including Paragon. Please note: As of 3/27/2020, this is still in process for San Diego Paragon. Visit the CRMLS Knowledgebase for information on how to set up a virtual open house, which allows for a tour of the property using available technology, so the potential buyers are not physically present in the home.

3. Will CRMLS freeze Days on MLS (DOMLS) or Days on Market (DOM)?

No. The CRMLS Board of Directors has decided not to move forward with a freeze on Days on MLS calculations. CRMLS is strongly concerned with maintaining a factually accurate MLS database. Read our blog post on this topic for more details.

4. What can I do to stop Days on MLS (DOMLS) or Days on Market (DOM) from accruing on my listing?

You can use the Withdrawn status to stop Days on MLS or Days on Market from accruing. While Days on MLS or Days on Market will not accrue, no marketing can occur while a listing is in Withdrawn status. There is no syndication to third-party portals or IDX websites for Withdrawn status

5. What is CRMLS doing from a rules perspective to assist real estate professionals in the San Diego Paragon system?

Non-enforcement of Rule 10.7: CRMLS will not be enforcing the showing requirement for Active status in the San Diego Paragon ruleset until further notice. You are permitted to leave a listing in the Active status even though it cannot be shown. Listings remaining in Active will still be sent out to all of the normal real estate portals and will be included in the IDX feed to cooperating broker websites. Since Active properties will continue to be advertised and can receive offers, DOM will continue to count for Active listings.

Unbranded Virtual Tours are allowed in Remarks: You may include a link to an unbranded virtual tour in addition in the Remarks field. You can view information on Paragon Virtual Tours here.

Links to Virtual Open Houses and Virtual Showings temporarily allowed in Remarks: A Virtual Open House is a Listing Agent inviting any number of people to participate in a scheduled event set for a specific time to view the property and interact with the Listing Agent virtually. A Virtual Showing is a scheduled event between the Listing Agent and a specific potential buyer. You may now include a link to and a time for a scheduled Virtual Open House, or a link to a set up a Virtual Showing, in the Remarks field. Rule 12.5 in regard to No Branding in the Remarks field will be temporarily suspended only for Virtual Open Houses and Virtual Showings until further notice.

Further enhancements may be put into place. Please check your email and this page regularly to keep abreast of any additional changes.

6. In light of the current situation, is the Clear Cooperation Policy still going into effect on May 1st?

Yes. The new Rules that implement the Clear Cooperation Policy will take effect on May 1, 2020. Please visit our webpage for more information on this topic: