Matrix: How to Setup a CRMLS IDX Link

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Internet Data Exchange (IDX) allows your clients to search for and view listings from a designated area on your website that is powered by a CRMLS Frame Link Solution. The IDX Solution allows you to display CRMLS listings on your website by “framing” the search engine or linking to your personal and office listings. This guide will show you how to access and customize the CRMLS IDX Links.

Creating the CRMLS IDX Links

      1. Visit our website at, then click on the Solutions link at the top of the page.
      2. On the Solutions page, click on the IDX Resources link.
      3. Once the IDX Resources page opens, click the drop down menu for Option #1, then click on the last question, and click on the “IDX Link Generator” tool link.
      4. Once the IDX Link Generator window opens, fill out your Public ID, Office Code, and Select the desired languages you would like as search options for your IDX link.
      5. Click the blue Get Links button at the bottom of the window.
      6. After clicking the Get Links button, you will be provided with the links to a General Public Search, Agent Listings (your personal listings), and Office Listings. Simply copy and paste the links into your website, email signature, blog post, etc…

      Embedding the IDX Links Onto Your Site

      To embed the links you generated in the previous section, you will need to be familiar with basic HTML coding. You can also provide the links above to your webmaster and they will be able to frame the links in for you.

      If you are comfortable working with HTML, you can embed your custom IDX links by using the embed code below. Simply delete the link highlighted below in red and replace it with one of your custom links from above:

      <iframe style=”border: 0;” width=”800″ height=”800″