Flex: Glide Integration to Access PEAD Forms 11/23/2020

It is recommended that real estate professionals comply with the latest COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC and DRE – especially when managing onsite property visits. CRMLS and Glide have teamed up to create a guided workflow to make it easier to create, send, and manage PEAD-V forms from a listing page.

– Instantly create compliant PEAD-V forms with one click from the listing page
– Request signatures via DocuSign or Digital Ink and deliver individualized PEAD-V   forms automatically to the listing agent
– Collect and organize PEAD-V forms for all your listings using a unique link you can share via the MLS, your website, email or text.


Accessing Glide from Flex


Glide for Buyers Agents and Listing Agents displayed below.

From the search results in Flex, click on the Detail tab, select “more,” and click on Use PEAD in Glide.


Or, under Menu, under Products, click on Glide to get started. (You can also access Glide from your dashboard.)


When in Glide, you have options for Transactions, Buyer Prospects, Forms, and Archived.


Buyer Prospects

Glide will display a list of Buyer Prospects with their Agent(s) name and date created. You can also create a New Buyer Prospect.

Select the Buyer.


Select either Suggested (Fill and Sign a PEAD form or Convert to Active Transaction) or Quick Access.


Add a Property or select a property from the list.


Add Buyers and/or Other Entrants who will be visiting the property.


Optional: You can add any exceptions to representations or additional terms.


Connect to your ZipForm.

Note: You must have a ZipForm account to continue.


Your PEAD forms will be generated automatically.

You can send them electronically to get signatures via DocuSign.


Note: You must have a ZipForm account to continue.


Your report status will be displayed, and you can archive your PEAD.


Listing Agent

From the Transaction/Overview tab, select Fill and Sign a PEAD form.


Select who will be visiting the properties.


Your generated reports will be displayed. They’re ready to be signed.


You will have a Visitor Log under the Visitors (PEAD) tab.


 Note: You must have a ZipForm account to continue.


Updated Nov 2020