Flex: Update 05/06/2021

Combined Page for Video & Virtual Tour Entry

We’re excited to introduce a new, combined video and virtual tour entry page with an updated, user-friendly, modern look. You can now add, edit, and manage both videos and virtual tours from a single page, even on your mobile devices. This change will occur on the following platforms: Flexmls Web, the Flexmls For Real Estate Pros Android App, and the Flexmls Mobile website (m.flexmls.com).

Note: We are still working on this capability on the Flexmls For Real Estate Pros iOS App, and we will make an announcement when it becomes available.


Change Listing Page

On the Change Listing page, you can access both videos and virtual tours via a single link. The link will show the number of videos and virtual tours that a listing already has.


Videos and Virtual Tours Page

The new combined page contains a Videos section and a Virtual Tours section. Within each section, you can change the order of each item with a simple drag and drop.

Click the “More” button (three dots) to access Edit, Preview, and Remove options. When you preview a video, it will appear in a new pop-up window. When you preview a virtual tour, it opens in a new browser tab.

Click the “Add Video” or the “Add Virtual Tour” buttons to add new content in each field. The entry fields are the same for each type of media.


Add Video or Virtual Tour

In the pop-up window, enter a description and a URL or embed code. Check the box if the video or virtual tour contains branding. An additional field displays where you can enter an alternate, unbranded URL or embed code.

Click “Save” when you are finished.

Note: an embed code is the most reliable way to ensure that videos play on third-party websites. However, if you enter a URL for a video, Flexmls will attempt to generate a valid embed code for you.


Updated April 2021