How to View Matrix Email History

in Matrix: How Tos

In this QRG, you will learn how to View your Matrix Email History.  Sent email history is stored in Matrix for your review for up to 90 days.

Step 1:  After sending an email from Matrix, you can retrieve any previously sent email by clicking on the My Matrix tab, then selecting Sent Email

Step 2: A list of previously sent emails will be displayed.

The Sent Email columns:

  •                    Sent – Link to Day, Date and/or time your email was sent
  •                    Recipients – Hyperlink to your Clients information that has been set up under Contacts, or your Clients email address for Direct Emails
  •                    Type – Displays if your sent email was an Auto Email or Direct Email
  •                    Subject – The Subject of your Email
  •                    Contents – Link to  Number of New or Updated listings being sent in the email, or notification that an Initial email was sent
  •                    Viewed – Displays that last time that particular email was viewed or has not been viewed.  Direct emails will not have a value in this field

Note: Under the Recipients column, your client will appear as a hyperlink if you have them set up as a Contact in Matrix.  If your client is not displayed with a hyperlink under the Recipients column, but instead is displayed with your clients email address, that means they are not set up as a Contact in Matrix.

Note: There are two types of emails, either Auto Email or Direct Email.  Auto Emails are set up through Matrix (see How to set up an Auto Email) or Direct Emails are when you manually enter your clients email address.

Step 3: By clicking on the arrow to the left of the Sent column, you will see a drop down screen with information on the client, and information on the property search.  This is where you have the option to Revise your Settings or Revise your Search Criteria, look at Results, Open in Portal or Delete Auto Email