LionDesk: How to Upload Contacts into LionDesk

The following QRG takes you through uploading your contacts into LionDesk.


The following QRG takes you through uploading your contacts into LionDesk.

Uploading your contacts into LionDesk is the first step in mastering your LionDesk account. Once your contacts are in LionDesk, you can set them on an auto drip campaign, send them a mass email, or even send a video text!

Before uploading your contacts, you want to organize them into a CSV file.

LionDesk allows you to upload 5,000 contacts at a time and include up to 52 column fields.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Separate first name and last name into different columns
  • Add tags within the CSV file (Use a comma to separate multiple tags)
  • Create custom fields in LionDesk before uploading. Preset LionDesk fields are listed below:


Upload Contacts: 

1) Click on your name, located in the upper right-hand corner, and select “Profile” from the drop-down menu.

2) Click on “Import New Contacts”.

3) Click on the icon or drag and drop your file into the field.


4) Tag your contacts.

LionDesk will pull all your existing tags. Users can select a single tag or multiple tags to add to all the contacts within the file.


5) Match your fields to LionDesk fields

  • Your Fields – Fields names captured from your CSV file
  • LionDesk Fields – Preset LionDesk fields and any custom fields created



6) Once you have matched all the fields, click “Import Contacts” at the bottom of the page

Allow a few minutes for your contacts to appear in the Contacts tab. 

Congrats! Your contacts have uploaded!


Dec 2019


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