Matrix: Update 12/13/2016

New and Enhanced Features in Matrix 6.14.1


Auto Email Enhancement

Auto-emails that display multiple listings can now include direct links to the individual listings detail report on the customer portal. A single click will now display the full details of the property clients are interested in viewing. The links can now be incorporated into simple text hyperlinks such as “More Details,” and/or added to the ML# or even added to an image.


Edit Contacts from Send Email Screen

When sending emails to clients from within Matrix, you now have the option to modify the contacts information directly from the Send Email screen without having to exit the send email process. When selecting a contact from the Select Contact pick list, a new Edit Contact link becomes visible when a single client is highlighted. The Edit Contact link is hidden when two or more rows are highlighted.

In addition, help text has been added to Contact Email Address to instruct users on how to correctly enter multiple email addresses for a single contact.



New “Back to Results” link on Client Portal Full View

When viewing a Full Property display in the Client Portal, the x button in the top right corner was easily be overlooked, so it has been replaced by a much more prominent ‘Back to Results’ link in the left side of that same top bar.



Updated Map Legend

The Map Legent now displays all the map pins and descriptions currently in use, and it displays exactly the same in Matrix and the Portal; there is no longer a separate version for the Portal.




Improved ‘Share Listing’ for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and others

Each site can now configure certain listing fields on the shared listings to be populated into social media sites as the Title and Description. For example; the title might be the Address and the List Price, while the Description is the Public Remarks field. The image to be used in social media displays is automatically set as the primary image for that listing.


Shared listing on Facebook



Map Search – Distance from Center of Map

The results grid will now automatically display a sortable “Distance” column, showing the distance “as a crow flies” of each listing from your entered location or the center point of your radius search.

  • The Distance column is displayed only on grid-type displays, ( the one-line displays that allow you to add/modify/delete columns).  The Distance column is also included if printing or exporting that display format.
  • In the CMA wizard, if the subject property is mapped, then the comparables step will include the Distance of each comparable from the subject property.



Statistics – Additional ‘Group By’ buckets

In the Statistical Reports > Customize tab, the Maximum Number of Categories under Group By has added “25” and “30” as options. It used to offer only 5-20.



Changes to Auto Email Behavior

The current behavior in Matrix is for auto-emails to expire if the contact has ignored them and not clicked on any links contained within the auto-email notifications for more than X days, where X may be set to a maximum of 80 days.

Change #1a: If the contact has not clicked on the link in the initial Welcome Email (and thus has not been receiving updates of new/changed listings), then X is a maximum of 30 days. A warning email can be sent to the agent prior to auto-email expiration to inform them that their contact never acknowledged the intitial auto-email.

Change #1b: If the contact has clicked on the link in the initial Welcome Email (and thus has been receiving subsequent update emails), then X is a maximum of 2 years*. A warning email can be sent to the agent after a specified period but prior to auto-email expiration to inform them that their contact has been ignoring emails. A second warning can be sent at a later date.

Change #2: The auto-email Disclaimer and Unsubscribe text and link font size has been reduced to 8 pixels in auto-email.

Change #3: If an auto email search is about to expire because no listings have matched the search criteria, the agent will receive a warning notification via email with a link to extend the auto-email.

Change #4: If a contact clicks on the link in the initial Welcome Email, all outstanding searches for that contact will be automatically enabled.

Change #5: if an agent creates a new auto-email for a contact already has an active auto-email to which they have opted in and are receiving updates, the new auto-email will activate automatically. There is no need for the contact to click the link in the Welcome Email in order to receive updates.

Matrix Configuration Changes

  • Matrix Home page Search Widget


  • AutoSold Listings – Replaced the asterisk with a Red Flag icon indicating the listing has gone through the system AutoSold process.


  • Listing Contract Date Warning – A warning will appear if you enter a listing contract date that is more than 30 past.


  • Added Listing Agent Name and Phone to Agent Thumbnail


  • Bath Search Fields – Full, Three Quarter, Half, and Quarter Bath fields have been added to the Residential Detail search page.



  • Matrix Customer Thumbnail display update – When viewing an Active listing it will show “Listed On MM/DD/YYYY”; for Sold listings, “Sold On MM/DD/YYYY”



  • Added Private Pool Y/N to the Customer One Line



  • Association Field Requirement Changes – when inputting a Residential listing and selecting HOA = Yes, the HOA Name, HOA Phone, and HOA Amenities fields are now required.



  • Session Timeout Refresh – Prior to the Matrix update, clicking on Refresh would take you to the Matrix Home page. After December 8th, 2016, clicking Refresh will keep you on the same screen you were working on.



  • Admin Edit Agent Information pages to appear within the listing input. (Association Staff ONLY)





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