Matrix: Update 09/12/2017

New Client Portal

The new Client Portal brings the MLS to your clients in a way they understand. With a new, more accessible look and feel, the ability to view all their agent-client relationship information (e.g. saved searches, listing notes, agent profile pages) in the portal, and deprecation of the Mobile Portal – users now access the same screen-responsive platform on all devices – clients get more out of MLS data than ever.


Key Changes include:

  • Fluid layouts which fit content to the user’s screen, no matter what size it may be. This means a consumer on a phone is looking at the same content – albeit in a potentially modified layout – as a user on a large-screen computer. All users will access the new Portal regardless of their device.
  • A standard set of layouts for browsing listings include Map, List and Gallery views, as well as a dynamic new Full listing view.
  • Just as in Matrix, pins cluster on the map when the number of results is between 500 and 5,000, showing the user how many matching listings are in various regions and allowing them to click to zoom in to a particular region.
  • Separate pages within the Portal provide access to:
    • All searches saved by the contact as well as auto emails created by their agent
    • A history of all content emailed to them, including the ability to view just the new and changed listings for each auto email update
    • All notes added to listings by the contact or the agent
    • An agent-customizable profile, which can include text, photo, video, current listings, and contact information

New Agent Headers & Footers

Agent Headers and Footers have been completely updated to provide a fresh new look.

Key changes include:

  • A larger header size – up to 1600 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall – with a system library of new header images to choose from
  • Agent-controlled branding which displays over the top of the header’s background image, even when an agent (or broker) uploads a custom image
  • Simplified footers, completely customizable by the user with up to four branding fields and available as an option regardless of the header package


Notifications of Portal Activity

In Matrix 7.0, agents can be notified (via email or text) of recent Portal activity by their contacts. Notifications can come either instantly or in a daily summary email. Know when your clients are looking at homes so you can reach out and convert that lead. This system requires agent configuration to determine which notifications are sent and when.

Note: ASAP notifications of a contact visiting the Portal are sent immediately, allowing the agent to know when a contact is looking at real estate and thus may be ideal to get in touch with. ASAP notifications of all other activity are sent only when no other notification for that contact has been sent within the past ten minutes,  to prevent a deluge of notifications if the contact is very active and allow context for multiple actions on a single listing to be included within the same notification (i.e. saved as a favorite and added notes).


Updated IDX Searches

IDX search and results screens will change to reflect the new Client Portal. Along with a fresh coat of paint and the ability to switch to a fluid layout which fits content to the user’s screen, IDX Map Searches have been updated to support a standard set of multiple layouts for browsing listings and geographic fields on the search form.

  • For map based, form based and My Listings link IDX searches:
    • Fluid layouts which fit content to the user’s screen are supported
      •  Note: The agent or broker framing the IDX search must change the dimensions of their IDX iframe from fixed pixel-based dimensions to fluid percentage-based dimensions.
    • The style of text and buttons has been updated to reflect the fresher look of the new Portal.
  • IDX Map Searches, like the new Portal, have been updated to support:
    • A standard set of multiple layouts for browsing listings
    • Support for geographic fields on the search form
    • Pin clustering on the map when the number of results is between 500 and 5000


Google Maps

All map images and mapping related functionality in Matrix will now use Google as a map provider, replacing Bing. This change will make street maps and satellite views more up-to-date, display parcel boundaries and building footprints in many locations, and color map pins based on the associated listing’s status. Any listings which have the previous map provider’s Geocode Source will be re-geocoded; listings which were manually located on a map will not be re-geocoded.

General functionality and behavior remains largely unchanged, but several small differences are worth noting:

  • Both street maps and satellite views are much more up-to-date in most locations
  • Parcel boundaries and building footprints display on the street map in many locations
  • The printable map display as well as the map page in the CMA now color each pin based on the associated  listing’s status


Changes to Listing Photos

Listings and roster photos are no longer padded with white margins in the image file itself; previously, this was done to maintain a uniform size. Padding is still added to traditional non-responsive displays to ensure proper layout, so this change will be invisible to most users.


Changes to Image Ribbons

Image ribbons – sashes over the top of a listing photo to highlight the listing as “New” or “Price Decrease” – are now displayed horizontally across the top of the image rather than diagonally.










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