Matrix: Update 08/22/2018

Below are the changes and enhancements done to the Matrix system on August 21, 2018. Please note that it is a very minimal rollout.

New Print Header/Footer Options

Users can now print reports with only their header or only their footer. Whichever option is selected is retained for subsequent print jobs until changed.

User-defined radius on Map Search Control

The proximity search on the search form now allows users to enter a specific distance. This is helpful for urban or rural areas where the pre-set options are often not narrow or broad enough. Users may continue to use the pre-set distance options as well.

Market Watch Refresh

A Refresh button has been added to the Market Watch widget on the home page to update the Market Watch counts any time during a session.

Print Preview of Multi-Map

The multi-property map available in Print Options is now an interactive map in Print Preview, allowing users to print multiple listings on a map with the zoom level, map style, and overlays they want.

Resolved Issues and Changes

Login A Print button has been added to the Subscriber Agreement which all users must accept upon their initial login into Matrix. Additionally, a “Terms of Use” link to this agreement has been added to the global footer at the bottom of every page.
Mapping Resolved an issue where certain keyboard navigation on the search results page, such as using arrow keys to navigate through photos in the photo viewer, would cause the map location to be moved if the user returned to the search map
Printing Displays which contain interactive maps widgets now have an increased “print cost” meaning that fewer properties may be printed when printing these displays. This change is to prevent timeouts when retrieving this content from third-party servers for too many properties at one time. As a result, interactive maps widgets should be included only on one-per-page “full” displays and not on many-per-page displays.
Search Results When a user refines search results via the Narrow or Discard option the search criteria description at the bottom of the Results screen will now retain the original criteria, and the Criteria tab now remains enabled. The original criteria may also now be printed when printing a refined set of results.
Mapping Freehand Polygon map tool did not work in Internet Explorer browser after clearing a circle shape
Mapping Internet Explorer browser when on the Map tab in search and a map shape is drawn, moving the mouse within that shape caused dots to appear at random places

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