Matrix: Update 03/12/2019

Matrix Enhancements Have Arrived!

Below is a list of updates:

Reorder Search Results Using Drag and Drop

The search results screens now allow users to manually reorder rows using drag & drop.

Click and hold on this icon, then drag the highlighted row to the desired location, then release. Printed reports, Emails, and Exports will use the manually sorted order.


    • Drag & Drop is only supported in Grids. Not supported in Single-Line displays.
    • Clicking on a column header will override manually sorted rows.
    • CMA Comparable tab supports Drag & Drop for manual sorting. Note: When the CMA button is pressed in Search Results – that sort order is not carried over to the CMA Comparable tab.
    • Driving Directions will not use manual sort order. Directions will automatically calculate shortest route between addresses; however you can reorder properties within the Directions screen.
    • Drag & Drop is not supported in Matrix Mobile.
    • Drag & Drop may not be supported on some mobile and tablet devices in Full Desktop mode.
    • Drag handles are only visible when all results fit on a single page. Drag handles will be hidden when more than 1 page of results are displayed. Users have the option to display more rows on a single page usually up to 100 rows (sometimes more) by changing the Display n per page. Manually reordering result sets on multiple pages of results is not supported.

Results display listings in same sequence ML#s entered in Speed Bar

Search Results will now display listings in the same sequence as the ML#’s are entered in the Speed Bar. This feature only applies to ML# searches entered using the Speed Bar. All other searches will continue to display the results in the default sort order defined by each user.

Print Listing Notes

A new Print Notes option has been added to the Print Screen when viewing search results for a specific contact using the Refine > View As [Contact] or a sent email or a saved search result. All listing notes entered by the user and the contact entered via the Contact Portal are printed in chronological order along with the selected report.

NOTE: Not all reports support the Print Notes feature. If the report selected does not support this feature the Print Notes checkbox will be disabled.

Create Multiple Personal and Contact Carts

Users may now create multiple carts for each member and contact. To create a new cart for a contact, simply select the New Cart button and type a Cart Name (required) then select the Contact from the pick list or create a new contact. To create a new personal cart for the agent, just leave the Contact blank.

A new Cart management screen is available under My Matrix that allows users to quickly search/filter carts, view carts contents, rename, and delete carts.

Other Enhancements

Criteria tab is now enabled after using the Refine > Narrow tool

Previously, when generating a search and going to the Results tab, then Refine > Narrow tool, the Criteria tab would become disabled. Navigating back to the Criteria screen required the user to first click ‘Original Results’ to reenable the Criteria tab.

Now, the Criteria tab is enabled after using Refine>Narrow. Users can navigate between the Criteria, Map, and Results tabs and retain the narrowed set of records. If the search criteria is modified, then previously narrowed results will be discarded.

NOTE: This enhancement does not apply to the Hot Sheet or Market Watch functions.

Client Portal will remember the user’s last selected view mode

When viewing the search results in the Client Portal on a mobile device for the first time, the results will default to LIST view instead of MAP view, providing a better viewing experience on smaller screens. Tablet devices with larger screens will initially default to MAP view. Whatever view the user selects becomes the default view on that device.

News Widget Enhancements

Several enhancements have been made to the News Widget:

  • Print option has been added
  • News widget is now responsive allowing better viewing of news articles on different devices
  • Up/Down Arrows navigate to next/previous news article
  • Users can’t navigate away from unread news articles. Affirmative action of either “Read Later” or “I’ve Read It” must be clicked
  • Exclamation point icon and calendar icon removed from news widget header

Driving Directions are now available in My Listings and Concierge Approval Screen

Users can now get driving directions from My Listings and Concierge screens.

Photograph Upload Certification

Each time a user uploads one or more photographs to Matrix, they will agree to the PHOTOGRAPH UPLOAD CERTIFICATION disclaimer text* now displayed in a scrollable textbox just below the image(s) being uploaded and above the Certify and Save button. Different sections of the agreement apply to different users, whether they are a real estate professional, assistant, staff member and/or professional photographers.

Matrix will log when an individual uploads photographs.

Open House tab in 360 Property View

There will be an additional Open House tab within our 360 Property View display. This tab will contain all upcoming open houses for the selected listing.

March 2019