Matrix: Update 05/07/2019

On May 7, 2019, the following changes will take effect in the CRMLS Matrix system:

Serial and DOH (Department of Housing) fields are required for listings in the Manufactured on Land property type.

Serial Number and DOH fields will be required for Residential listings when a user has selected the  Manufactured on Land option.

 Land Lease Y/N has been added to the Consumer Portal

A Land Lease Yes/No field has been added to the Consumer Portal displays so they match the customer displays in Matrix.

Print showing “Listing Has Supplements”

Verbiage has been changed to indicate “Listing has supplements” in print for listings with supplements.  The text “Listing Has Supplements” when printing to paper or PDF will show in the same place under the map.  The mouse hover text has been updated to “Click Here for Supplements”.

Change Required Lot Square Footage and Features

The requirement for Lot Square Footage and Lot Features for Timeshare, Loft, Studio and Boat Slip has been removed.

Open House Field Additions

Property Sub Type and Parcel Number have been added to the fields in Open House.  The Property Sub Type field has been added to the Quick Search.  Both fields have been added to the Open House full displays and are now included in export.

Virtual Tour Links

In Agent and Consumer displays, the current Virtual Tour icon has been updated to either “Virtual Tour” or “VT” depending on available space.

Restricted Owner Information

There is now limited visibility of the owner information to the listing agent/broker/AOR while a listing is on Withdrawn, Cancelled or Expired. This includes the Owner Name field. When the Showing Type is either Occupant or Owner, the Showing Contact Name, Phone and Phone Extension will also be limited.  No data would be deleted and all data would be visible at all times to the agent/broker/AOR hierarchy just like Expiration Date, Auto Sell and other privileged data.

Garage Spaces

Garage Spaces previously appeared on the input forms under the “Features” tab.  It has now been moved to the “Basics” tab.  This is due to an issue where Attached Garage Y/N is conditionally required based on the Garage Spaces value.

Structure Type field

A new Structure Type field has been added and will be required for Residential and Residential Lease property types.