Matrix: Update 11/27/2018

1. Change in Lot Sqft & Acres Display Order

The Lot Size display has been reversed.

Previously it displayed Acres/LSq Ft, now it displays LSqFt/Acres.

Currently, listings show acres followed by square feet, e.g. “Ac/LSqft, 0.5/21,780.” With this update, square feet will be displayed first, e.g. “LSqft/Ac, 21,780/0.5.”

  1.                          New Display


                                    Old Display


2. Disclosures field for Search has been added to the primary search pages

The Disclosures field has been added to the primary search pages (Detail & Quick) for Residential, Lease, Income, and Cross Property.

3. Consumer Baths

On Matrix Consumer Portals and Reports: Sums Full and Three-Quarter baths as the consumer’s “Full.” It also shows Half Baths and Quarter Baths in a new “Partial” field.

4. Max Downloads for Appraisers increased to 5000 records

Increases the export limit in Matrix for appraisers from 500 records to 5000.

5. Land Lease (Space Rent) for Manufactured in Park

The land lease for Manufactured In Park will now be included on all Agent, Customer, and Portal reports for Manufactured in Park.

6. Manufactured Unit Number, Not Required

This addresses the situation where a Manufactured Home in a Park has its own address rather than a unit/space number within the park. Unit Number will move from being required to a warned field. If a user leaves the field blank, Matrix will deliver a warning that the only time a blank unit number is valid is when the space has its own full address.

7. Caravan Multi-Map Display Change

    1. Repositions the line above address
    2. Add ListOffice Name and Phone; add ListAgent Name and Phone
    3. Add Directions, add Refreshments, add Drawing


8. Caravan Listing Short, display change

  1. Re-arranges the existing fields so that more listings fit on one page. Currently only 3, will expand to 5.
  2. Adds the primary photo to the short display.

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