Matrix: Desktop Client Portal Help

1) If you would like to view more details about a certain property, click the hyper-linked address to the right of the listing photo shown below in red. Once clicked, this will open the property detail page providing much more detail regarding the selected listing.

2) Each time you visit the portal, there are multi-colored bars above the listing’s photos that show what has been changed on each listing. If the color is GREEN, it will show New, Back on Market, Price Increase, and Price Decrease. PURPLE will show properties that have been placed on hold status. ORANGE will show properties that are in the status of pending. Lastly, BLACK will show properties that are now under withdrawn status.

3) If clients are set up on multiple searches, they would be able to see all searches when opening one auto-email. They will need to click the My Searches tab at the top of the auto-email. After clicking My Searches, they would simply click on the auto-email that they would like to view.

4) To view the photos of a listing, click on the address of the property to open he property profile. If you place your cursor over the main large image < and > icons appear that will allow you to scroll through the photos, or you can click the open all icon on the green bar below the photos. Scrolling further down, will show the property with a pin on the map.

5) Clicking the Map View icon in the upper-right hand corner will pull up the map with every property prepopulated. Click each property on the map will bring up the property info for the map pin that was clicked on. The property information will highlight blue. The only way to remove properties from this map will be to have the agent change the search criteria. There is no option to remove. Even discarding listings will still show as a trash can icon on the map.

6) If you would like to sort your results, in the upper right-hand corner you will see a button that is typically defaulted to Newest First. You have the option to continue with that view or you can select Price.

7) If you are interested in organizing the properties into folders, you can. To do so, click the heart icon next to each property. Once clicked, you will see the options for Favorites, Possibilities and Discard.

8) Once your listings are organized, you can view the Favorites, Possibilities and Discarded listings. To do so, click the Favorites tab at the top of the portal. Once you click, you will see all properties that have been marked Favorites, Possibilities and Discarded. Clicking on each tab will bring up that specific folder. The map on this page will also show each folder (Favorites, Possibilities and Discarded) on the map.

9) To add a note regarding a property to your agent, first open the listing detail page by clicking on the address noted earlier. Once the property detail is open, you will see an option toward the lower right-hand corner stating Notes for you and your agent. Click in the box, add the note, and then click the Add Note button located to the righthand side.

10) To view your previous notes, click on the tab for messages at the very top of the portal. Once you are there, click on the secondary tab for Property Notes. This will display all property notes from the client and the agent together. A new note will be designated with an exclamation point on the Property Notes tab.

11) If you have unsubscribed from Matrix auto-emails, and would like to re-subscribe, please send an email to from the email account that has been unsubscribed. This will begin the process of being opted back into Matrix auto-emails.