Matrix: Makeover Coming September 13, 2016

New Features

1. Matrix Color Theme Change.

Matrix_Makeover Image_001


2. Auto-Save Feature – Matrix will now auto-save data while adding a new listing.

  • New listings are automatically saved after 10 minutes of inactivity, or if the user navigates away from the Input screen or switches between Input screen tabs.
  • The Auto-Save features works for new listings only. Auto-Save will not work for edits to existing listings.
  • The Auto-Save Recovery screen will display immediately after the user logs into Matrix with options to manage previously auto-saved listings. Restore will load the Add/Edit screen with the listing data where the user left off. Discard or Discard All will delete saved listing data. Skip will proceed to Home page but recovery screen will display at next login as long as Auto Save Recovery data exists.

Matrix_Makeover Image_14

  • Auto Save data is automatically purged after 30 days.


3.  Property Sub Type Additions – ‘Duplex’, ‘Triplex’, ‘Quadruplex’ added to RES, RESL, INC.  ‘Boat Slip’ added to RES, RESL, LAND.

Matrix_Makeover Image_17

4.  Adding FHA 203 (b) and FHA 203 (k) to Current Financing, Buyer Financing and Estimated Buyer Financing fields.

Matrix_Makeover Image_34


Matrix_Makeover Image_35


5. Adding VirtualTourUnbranded2 field. A secondary Virtual Tour field for unbranded Virtual Tours.

Matrix_Makeover Image_26


6. Adding Additional Rent For Pets fieldTo be required for RESL when PetsAllowed = Yes.



7. Adding Waterfront With Home Across Road ​to Waterfront Features picklist.​​

Matrix_Makeover Image_27


8. Adding Tandem Garage, Tandem Covered, Tandem Uncovered to the Parking field.

Matrix_Makeover Image_19


9. Auto Populate Census Tract – to auto-populate from Realist Tax 2.0 for all property types except for Commercial.

10. Photovoltaics additions to Electric field – Photovoltaics Owned, Photovoltaics Leased, Photovoltaics on Grid and Photovoltaics Stand-Alone.

Matrix_Makeover Image_20


11. Adding “Death on Property < 3 yrs” to Disclosures field.

Matrix_Makeover Image_21


12. Adding “Court Confirmation” to the Disclosures field.

Matrix_Makeover Image_22


13. Adding “Waterfront Features” field. ​Move waterfront related picklist items from Lot Features and Community Features to this new Waterfront Features field. Refer to metadata spreadsheet for specifics.

Matrix_Makeover Image_23


14. Adding “Lockbox Version” with Supra, Supra BT and Supra BT LE options. When LockboxType = Supra, then “Lockbox Version” is required.

Matrix_Makeover Image_25


15. Adding Golf Course to Community Features.

Matrix_Makeover Image_24


16. Adding the ability for Residential Lease to go to Pending. There will be a “Change to Pending” input form available to Lease (similar to Residential). Auto Lease will not be enabled.


17. Adding Main Level Bedrooms and Main Level Bathrooms to Residential and Residential Lease property types. Both fields are required if Levels field = Two Level or more is selected.

Matrix_Makeover Image_28


18. Open House Icon will appear in the Agent 1-Line, Medium, and Full displays.

Matrix_Makeover Image_4

Matrix_Makeover Image_5

Matrix_Makeover Image_6


19. New Multi-Status Search Control (Similar to the current Matrix CMA checkbox status control) to be rolled out for all Detail and Quick Search forms.

Matrix_Makeover Image_3

You may select the desired status by checking the box and selecting the corresponding box and selecting the date range as shown below.

Matrix_Makeover Image_2


20. New Agent/Office Combined Search Control – For Listing/Co-listing Agent search, members have the ability to search in a single field by the Member First Name, Member Last Name or Member LoginID. For Listing/Co-Listing Office search, members have the ability to search in a single field by the Office Name, or Office MLS ID. Likewise for Selling/Co-Selling Side.

Matrix_Makeover Image_9


21. Recent Change information – Listings with recent history changes, i.e. Price or Status Change, will have the change history appear below the photo of the Agent Full display.

Matrix_Makeover Image_10

22.  Incomplete Listings – A new feature to enable users to save incomplete listings.

Matrix_Makeover Image_7

Matrix_Makeover Image_8

To find your “Incomplete Listings”, go to the Add/Edit tab and click on the Quick Modify drop-down menu. The word “Incomplete” will be displayed after the MLS# and Property Type.

Matrix_Makeover Image_16


Updated Features

23. Required fields during listing input will change from pink to yellow.

Matrix_Makeover Image_15


24. Increase Public Remarks length (previously Property Description) from 1275 to 1500 characters.

Matrix_Makeover Image_29


25. FHA and VA Financing sort change – moved FHA Loan and VA Loan to the top of the sort for Current Financing.

Matrix_Makeover Image_33


26. Lockbox Location changed from picklist to String text box​ allowing users to enter their own lock box information.

Matrix_Makeover Image_30


27. Combine Waterfront’s Canal and Channel/Canal. All existing listings with Canal selected are moved to Channel/Canal.

28. Remove “Lot on” wording from Waterfront Feature picklist values. For example, Lot on Beach Front becomes Beach Front.

29. Driving Directions and Cross Street merging. ​Data from both fields will be merged into a new required field titled Directions.

30.  Portal Displays are being renamed from Public to Customer.



31.  Search and Add/Edit field label changes. Click Here for a list of field label changes.

32. Pool YN being renamed to Pool Private YN. If Pool = Private, then PoolPrivateYN = Yes. The other options like None, Public and Association would set the PoolPrivate YN field to No.

33. Manufacture Homes Changes

  • Retiring subtypes Manufacture 433, Manufacture Without 433, and Mobile Home on Land.
  • Adding new subtype “Manufactured on Land”.
  • Moving existing data from Manufacture 433, Manufacture Without 433, and Mobile Home on Land to the new ‘Manufactured on Land” subtype field.
  • Note – LandLease field cannot be set to YES if Manufactured on Land is selected as a subtype.
  • If Manufactured on Land is selected as a subtype, then Certified 433a YN will be required for Residential and Residential Lease property types.
  • Existing listings will be backfilled with Certified 433A YN = YES, if they had Manufacture 433 selected as a subtype.
  • Existing listings will be backfilled with Certified 433A YN = NO, if they had either Manufactured without 433 or Mobile Home on Land as a subtype.
  • Mobile Homes will be renamed to Manufactured in Park.

34. Renaming “Septic Tank” to “Conventional Septic” in the Sewer/Septic field.



35. Auto populating subject property information from Realist Tax data. Also adding  5 user definable fields.

36.  Removal of Add New and Edit Existing Open House links from Add/Edit page. Open House can still be added or modified by editing the listing and clicking on the Open House link or Tab.

Matrix_Makeover Image_11


37.  Custom Export and Custom Displays are all found under Cross Property instead of individual property types. You no longer have the option to choose Residential, Residential Lease, etc… Only Cross Property.

Matrix_Makeover Image_12



38.  “Backup Offer” status changed to “Active Under Contract”. The definitions remains the same; “Active Under Contract” is an On-Market status and should be used when an Offer is accepted and either 1) Seller requests that the property remain in an On-Market status and is looking for back-up offers, or 2) the sale is subject to court or other third party approval. NOTE: If your listing is not going to close by the end of the Estimated Close of Escrow Date you entered, you can avoid having your listing being Auto Sold by extending your listing’s Estimated Close of Escrow Date.

Matrix_Makeover Image_31

39.  All SellingAgent and SellingOffice field labels are renamed to BuyerAgent and BuyerAgency.

40.  Impactful Datatype Changes: 

  • LandLeaseYN changed from lookup options – Fee, Lease to Yes or No options. If previous data had Lease selected, then LandLeaseYN=Yes. Otherwise, it will reflect No.

Matrix_Makeover Image_13

  • BathsTotal changed from Decimal to Integer – Net effect is existing saved searches with decimals values will be rounded up, i.e. 2.6 would be rounded to 3. New Searches will not support decimal values.
  • AvailabilityDate (Lease only) changed from String to Date – Existing data will be profiled and converted if they fit the Date format. Non-date values will be dropped into Remarks prepended with “Availability Date: “
  • ShowingInstructions changing from a picklist to a string. All existing values have been converted as text.

Matrix_Makeover Image_32


Retired Features

41. Remove Map Book – all existing Map Book information will be removed.

42. Remove Lot on Waterfront from Waterfront Features.

43.  Work Area (Partially Completed Listings) will not be brought over to the new Matrix. The feature is being retired all together due to the Draft (Incomplete) feature.

44Remove ‘Lake Front’ from View. All existing listings with Lake Front picked will be moved to Lake.