Matrix Resolved Issues Effective Dec 15, 2020

This is a list of resolved issues in Matrix, effective December 15, 2020.




The ability for users to manage images and supplements for listings is now separately configurable from the ability to add/edit listings.



Adding comparables to a CMA from a Cart resulted in an error under some scenarios.

Manually reordered comparables from Tax data were not retaining that sort order throughout the CMA.

Corrected an issue that allowed old CMAs to remain in the system beyond the default 180-day retention period.



Links to the full display did not work when clicked in the popup display of map pins in the Concierge Approvals map.



The CMA tab of a contact record now allows you to expand multiple CMAs.

In the contacts list and details, the count of listing notes for each contact is displayed in bold with a corresponding “Has unread notes” tooltip if you have not yet viewed the notes.

Fixed an issue in the “custom contact categories” pop-up preventing correct display of the number of contacts in each category.

In the event the count of a contact’s Favorites, Possibilities, or Discards is incorrect in the contact list/detail, the count is now reconciled whenever you view that set of listings.

In the contact details, we have added spacing between a saved net sheet’s name and date.

We have updated several labels for date fields to provide clarity on the Auto Emails tab of a contact record.


Driving Directions

Resolved an issue with adding starting/ending points to driving directions but not entering a starting/ending address.


Email – Auto

Matrix showed an incorrect message when saving an Auto Email with a narrowed result set. The correct message is now used.

When you create a new Auto Email and the agent’s email address is empty, Matrix will display an error message and prevent you from sending the email.



In the agent’s copy of emails that include a listing preview, any links from each listing now link to that listing in Matrix rather than to that listing on the Portal.

When composing an email and auto filling the email address in Chrome, Matrix would add the address multiple times.

When using the “select Contacts” popup to specify a recipient for an email and typing part of the desired contact’s name, Chrome and Safari browsers were not auto-scrolling to the matching contact.


Email – Sent

Attempting to view the listings of a direct email via the Sent Email page in My Matrix would show no results if you manually ordered the listings prior to emailing them.



Resolved an issue which caused some listing photos to display with overly bright colors; this affected only customer environments which had upgraded to Windows Server 2016.



Addressed an issue introduced in Chrome v78 where clicking a map pin on the Portal would scroll the associated listing too high and thus out of view.

Resolved an issue introduced in v8.3.12 where extraneous line returns were present in the small popup display shown when clicking on a Map pin.

Adding a pin to the search map by entering an address in the “Jump to…” control would not allow you to draw a radius using that pin as the center point.



The RealAVM option in the Trends section of Map Layers has been removed as that layer is no longer supported and has not been for some time.



In the Messages tab in the Client Portal, we have consolidated the “Type” and “Contents” columns into a single “Contents” column.



The option to print agent headers/footers on “every page” is now available in the Chrome browser, just as it has been in other browsers.

Map layers were nonfunctional in the Print Preview of the multi-property map display.



An update to the Quick CMA report is available, making it more visually pleasing and easier to read.



Added the ability to pull images for Incomplete listings via RETS.

RETS Update requests which resulted in an error were not correctly encoding all content in the response.



The and/or/not options were improperly aligned on Dictionary Lookup search controls.


Search Results

Grid display columns for fields set as the default sort order for a search will now auto-resize their width to display sort indicator arrows.



An error would occur if you attempted to manage your Portal Profile after accessing Settings via the link in the Cover Page step of the CMA wizard.



Addressed an issue with the Speedbar where the “Include other criteria” checkbox would be covered up by its own tooltip if the criteria was too long, preventing the checkbox from being clickable.



Attempting to upload supplements in IE11 or Edge would error if your browser had a certain configuration.


User Interface

We have made cosmetic improvements to the options in the Recent Searches list and “did you mean…” options in the Speedbar.


Updated Dec 2020