Matrix: Matrix X December 15, 2020

This guide will show you the latest features and updates to your CRMLS Matrix system effective Dec 15, 2020.


Modern User Interface

New modern user interface with improved colors, icons, navigation, and design.


Modern User Interface – Contacts

The Contacts module has received a fresh new look to maximize the user experience.

  • Contact List – Existing functionality redesigned for improved readability and accessibility.
  • Gallery View – An alternate way to view all contacts.
  • Contact Details – Each contact’s record has been expanded from its old accordion-style format to become a new, dedicated page. Multiple tabs provide access to various information within the contact profile.


Modern User Interface – Header, Navigation Bar, and Recent Searches

We have updated the global header, giving it its first facelift in years. Beyond the clean new look of the header and Speed Bar, we have made several meaningful changes to the navigation menu.

  • A new “Notifications” icon in the upper right corner provides a central location for alerting you to important information. We have moved new alerts for Concierge matches into this control. Future releases will see additional notifications placed here as well.
  • A new “utility menu” under your name provides access to your personal settings, help and other tools.
  • We have updated the Recent Searches list with a fresh look as part of our mobile-oriented mindset for providing Matrix users the best experience possible regardless of which device they use.


Modern User Interface – Settings

The Settings page has a new location and look showcasing the future direction of the platform. The same options as before are available, just with a modern interface.


Modernized Email Layout

For concierge and auto emails, we have updated the layout with a modern, mobile-friendly look.

Enhancements to Matrix emails include:

  1. Email Wrapper – Provides outer border and padding to all email messages sent from Matrix.
  2. Consistent Typeface – A more modern font is used throughout all emails, although your email signatures may still use custom fonts.
  3. Mobile-Optimized Listing Details – A new display template provides a modern look and takes advantage of mobile-responsive features to ensure elegant email display on screens of all sizes.
  4. Calls To Action – Links to the Client Portal are more prominent.
  5. Subtle Footer – All email messages sent from Matrix now contain a footer with the MLS footnote, unsubscribe link, and copyright.
  6. Friendly Unsubscribe Link – “Click this link if you wish to unsubscribe.”


Sort Order Indicators Added to Search Result Headers

Single-line search results now display arrows in the column headers to indicate the sort order.

  • The weight of the arrow (bold, semi-bold, or not bold) indicates the field’s sort priority (primary, secondary, or tertiary).
  • A down arrow indicates an alphabetical sort / smallest value first.
  • An up arrow indicates a reverse-alphabetical sort / largest value first.

In the example below, the search results are first sorted by Property Sub Type (alphabetical), then by Status (reverse-alphabetical), and then by Price (smallest value first). 


Add/Edit – New Map Location Warning

In Add/Edit, an alert indicates if the geocoder can’t find a precise location for the listing address, prompting you to check the address and/or manually place the map pin.


Searching – “Select All” and “Select None” options added to Status Search Control

  • Select All – selects all check boxes and populates predefined date ranges (e.g.: 1-180)
  • Select None – clears all check boxes and date ranges.


Map Uses Full Width of Browser

The map in the search results screen now extends the full width of the browser.


Concierge Approvals Page – Map and Results Tabs Navigation added

You can now view listings on a map on the Concierge Approval screen.


Search the Intersection of multiple Map Shapes

When you draw multiple map shapes, the option to search just the intersection of those shapes is available. This is especially beneficial when paired with INRIX Drive Time to locate listings within proximity of two different locations.


Single-Line Displays remember vertical scroll position

For single line displays longer than one screen, Matrix now remembers the vertical scroll position when switching between displays. This eliminates the need to scroll back down to the desired row. Matrix maintains the position when clicking the browser back button and when clicking the Single Line Display link.

Search – New Results Button Bar and Paging Controls

We have updated the action tools at the bottom of Results pages to a more modern look. The paging controls at the bottom of Results pages are now larger and easier to click.


New icons throughout Search module

We have added new and larger map drawing tool icons, and updated many icons elsewhere in the Search and Input modules for a cleaner appearance. Additionally, we have moved the Help icon on search and input forms to the right of each field. 


New Tooltips

Tooltips shown when hovering over an element now appear immediately and are easier to read. 


New Footer

We have updated the layout and appearance of the global footer at the bottom. 


“Refresh” option is added to My Listings Widget on Home Page



Day Control added to INRIX Drive Time™

We have added a Day selector to INRIX Drive Time. This allows you to specify the day of the week used to determine drive time to or from a target location, providing insight on how drive times vary from day to day.


Updated Dec 2020