Matrix: Update July 1, 2020

Matrix System Updates – July 1, 2020


Postal Code required for Land listings

Postal Code will be required for Land Listings. 

If a postal code does not exist, users may enter all zeros.



Subdivision field not required for Manufactured in Park listings

Subdivision will no longer be a required field for Manufactured in Park listings.


Secondary APNs moved to the top under the Primary APN

The secondary APN field will be moved to the top of the agent full report, just under the primary APN.
Fields will only be displayed on report if a user enters secondary APN(s).



Moved NONE to the top of picklist

Every picklist field that has the option of “None” will have it moved to the top of the list.



New Cancellation Rule

Cancellation Date must be less than or equal to the Expiration Date. 



Matrix Displays – Start Showing Date for Coming Soon listings

Start Showing Date will be added to consumer displays for Coming Soon listings (e.g. Customer Full).



July 2020


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