Matrix: Update 01/31/2017

Added/New Items

1. “New Construction” field added to Residential, Residential Lease, Residential Income and Land property types.



2. There are 2 new feature categories added to the Residential, Residential Lease, and Manufactured In Park property types: “Bathroom Features” and “Kitchen Features”.  Some of the values within the “Interior Features” category have been moved to these 2 new categories.




3. The following new cities have been added to the Matrix City pick-list:

  • Hodge (HODG)
  • Monte Rio (MERO)
  • New Cuyama (NCYM)
  • Porter Ranch (PORA)
  • Reseda Ranch (RESR)
  • Sherwood Forest (SHFO)
  • Yermo (YERM)


4. The following new Areas have been added to the Matrix Area pick-list:

  • Five Knolls (FEKS)
  • SM/Orcutt East (OREA)
  • SM/Orcutt West (OREWE)
  • Porter Ranch (PORA)
  • Vista Canyon (VACN)


5. Added new pick-list values to the “Disclosures” field: Accessory Dwelling Unit, Licensed Vacation Rental, and REAP.



6. Added Furnished or Unfurnished to the “Furnished” pick-list for the Residential Lease property type.


7. Added 5 new High School Districts:

  • Apple Valley Unified (AYVY)
  • Hesperia Unified (HUSD)
  • Palo Alto Unified (POAO)
  • Snowline Joint Unified (SUSD)
  • Wiseburn Unified (WISE)


8. A new “Power Production” tab available under Add/Edit for Residential, Residential Lease, Residential Income, Manufactured In Park, Land, Commercial Sale, and Commercial Lease. Enter this property’s Power Production information here.  Select “More” to input an additional type of Power Production and information. Select “Delete” to remove. WARNING: Delete cannot be undone.

  • Power Production Annual Status: This field allows the status of the number shown in the Power Production Annual to be clarified.
  • Power Production Type: Choose from a list of the types of power production system(s) available on the property.  A relational implementation of power production must omit the type from the field name and use Power Production Type to create a vertical representation of the various types of power production available. **Note that PV Solar is the only type of power production currently justified in multiple markets and thus shown. Up and coming renewables that could be added in the future depending on uptake: Wind, Geothermal, Thin Film Solar.
  • Power Production Year Install: The year a renewable system was installed. Ideally this should be the year the system was interconnected with the grid and began producing power. Renewable systems have a limited lifespan and year installed helps buyers and appraisers determine remaining useful life of the system.
  • Power Production Size: The “capacity” of a renewable system. Size is measured in kilowatts (kW) DC (referring to direct current). A kW indicates how much power the system can produce under standard conditions, like the size of a car engine. Renewable systems are sized when they are installed to cover all or a portion of the power needs of the property. Therefore, a system designed to produce 50% of the power needs will be sized smaller than a system on the exact same property designed to produce 100%.
  • Power Production Annual: The most important metric of a renewables system is the amount of power it produces per year. This number can be actual or estimated. Annual production for systems producing electricity like wind or solar are measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. A kWh is like a measure of the distance traveled per hour for a car – how far did it go over a certain period of time. Annual production is influenced by the size of the system, the conditions (How shady are the trees? How many cloudy days?, and the installation. Sellers typically have access to software that provides historical production totals.



9. Added 3 new values to the “Showing Contact Type” pick-list: None, Other, and See Remarks.



10. Added Property Sub Type pick-list items “Water Position With Land” and “Water Position Without Land” to the Land property type.



11. Added Property Sub Type pick-list items “Business”, “Mixed Use”, “Warehouse”, and “Agriculture” to the Commercial Sale and Commercial Lease property types.



Updated Matrix Items:

12. Updated “Flooring” pick-list items.

Old Flooring Name New Flooring Name
Partially Carpeted Carpet
Wall-To-Wall Carpet Carpet
Stained Concrete Concrete
Granite Stone
Marble Stone
Slate Stone
Stone/Travertine Stone
Adobe Tile
Ceramic Tile Tile
Clay Tile
Pavers Tile
Terrazzo Tile
Laminated Laminate
Linoleum Vinyl
Sheet Vinyl Vinyl
Vinyl Tile Vinyl
Hardwood Wood
Parquet Wood
Wood Laminate Wood
Wood Under Carpet Wood



13. Updated “Sewer” pick-list item – Soils Analysis Septic has been moved from “Disclosures” to “Sewer”.


14. Updated “High School” pick-list items   

Old High School Name Updated High School Name
Palos Verdes Penninsula Palos Verdes Peninsula
Tesero Tesoro


15. Updated “Middle or Junior School” pick-list item

Old Middle/Junior School Name Updated Middle/Junior School Name
Marco Forester Marco Forster


16. Updated MLS “Area” Code pick-list item

Old MLS Area Name Updated MLS Area Name
YNEZ-Santa Ynez YNEZ-Santa Ynez Valley


17. Updated “Property SubType” pick-list items

Old Property Sub-Type Name Updated Property Sub-Type Name
Land/Unimproved Unimproved Land
Multi-Family Multi Family


18. Updated “Tenant Pays” pick-list item

Old Tenant Pays Name Updated Tenant Pays Name
Gardner Gardener

19. Updated  “State or Province” field pick-list values – full name to code, Example: Alaska to AK


Retired Matrix Items:

20. Retiring “Tandem” from Parking Features.

21. Retiring  “In Foreclosure” from Special Listing Conditions. All existing listings with this value will be set to “Notice of Default”.

22. Retiring “Soils Analysis Septic” from Disclosures. 


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