Matrix: Update 05/31/2017

Added/New Items

1. Added Common Interest field to the Basic tab under Add/Edit.


2. Added new Elementary, High School Districts, High School, and Middle School values:

Field Name New Value Name New Value Code
Elementary School Templeton TEMPL
Elementary School Vineyard VINEY
Elementary School Lillan Larsen LILAR
Elementary School Cappy Culver CACUL
Elementary School Creston CRESTO
High School Templeton TEMPL
High School District Templeton Unified TEMPL
High School District San Miguel Joint Union SAMJU
High School District Creston CRESTO
High School District Alpine Union ALPIN
High School District Bonsall Unified BONSA
High School District Cajon Valley Union CAJON
High School District Cardiff CARDI
High School District Chula Vista Elementary CHULA
High School District Dehesa DEHES
High School District Del Mar Union DELMA
High School District Encinitas Union ENCIN
High School District Fallbrook Union Elementary FALLE
High School District Jamul-Dulzara Union JAMUL
High School District Julian High School JULIA
High School District La Jolla LAJOL
High School District La Mesa-Spring Valley LAMAS
High School District Lemon Grove LEMON
High School Disitrict National NATIO
High School District Oceanside Unified OCEAN
High School District Rancho Santa Fe RANCH
High School District San Marcos Unified SANMA
High School District San Pasqual Unified SANPA
High School District Santee SANTE
High School District San Ysidro SANYS
High School District Solana Beach SOLAN
High School District South Bay Union SOUTH
High School District Spencer Valley SPENC
High School District Vallecitos VALLE
Hight School District Santa Monica-Malibu Unified SMAMU
Middle or Junior School Templeton TEMPL


3. Added new City values to the City field:

Field Name New Value Name New Value Code
City Cabo San Lucas CABOS
City Crest CREST
City Elfin Forest ELFIN
City Ensenada ENSEN
City Encanto ENCAN
City Hillcrest HILLC
City Leucadia LEUCA
City Misison Beach MISSI
City Nestor NESTO
City Normal Heights NORMA
City North Park NORTH
City Oliverhain OLIVE
City Rosarito ROSAR
City Smith River SMITH
City Tijuana TJUA


4. Added new Area values to the Area field

Field Name

New Value Name

New Value Code

Area AVIA – Aviara AVIA
Area BACM – Baja Calif/Mexico BACM
Area BYPK – Bay Park BYPK
Area COCS – Coronado Cays COCS
Area CYHS – City Heights CYHS
Area CLMR – Carmel Mountain Ranch CLMR
Area CEGE – College Grove CEGE
Area CNPT – Crown Point CNPT
Area CPPN – Camp Pendleton CPPN
Area CDET – Carlsbad East CDET
Area CDSH – Carlsbad South CDSH
Area CDWT – Carlsbad West CDWT
Area DOWN – Downtown DOWN
Area ETDM – East Del Mar ETDM
Area ETEO – East Escondido ETEO
Area ENFT – Elfin Forest ENFT
Area ENCA – Encanto ENCA
Area FALL – Fallbrook FALL
Area HILL – Hillcrest HILL
Area KENS – Kensington KENS
Area KYMA – Kearny Mesa KYMA
Area LACA – La Costa LACA
Area LEUC – Leucadia LEUC
Area LESM – Lake San Marcos LESM
Area MSBH – Mission Beach MSBH
Area MTHX – Mount Helix MTHX
Area MNVE – Mission Village MNVE
Area NHEO- North Escondido NHEO
Area NLHS – Normal Heights NLHS
Area OLIN – Olivenhain OLIN
Area ROSD – Rancho San Diego ROSD
Area SANT – Santaluz SANT
Area SABR – Sabre Spr SABR
Area SDCE – SD Country Estates SDCE
Area SAMA – Serra Mesa SAMA
Area SHEO – South Esondido SHEO
Area COSS – Coronado Shores COSS
Area SSRH – Scripps Ranch SSRH
Area SHSD – South SD SHSD
Area TALM – Talmadge TALM
Area TYHS – Torrey Highlands TYHS
Area UYHS – University Heights UYHS
Area COVE – Coronado Village COVE
Area WRSP – Warner Springs WRSP
Area SEESC – Southeast Esondido SEESC
Area SWESC – Southwest Esondido SWESC
Area EASTW – Eastwood EASTW
Area SH – Shady Canyon SH
Area WALD – Walden WALD
Area RCAR – Rancho Carrillo RCAR


5. Added Short Term Lease value to the Lease Term pick list.

Field Name New Value Name New Value Code
Lease Term Short Term Lease STL


6. Reference Numbers have been added to the Agent 1 Line display.


7. Added Listing Terms search field to the Residential Detail and Residential Quick Search screens.


8. Added Property Sub Type to the Client Portal Single Line Display.


9. Added Garage Spaces field to the Client Portal Single Line Display.


10. Added Agent and Office ID fields to the Cross Property Detail and Quick Search screens.


11. Added Property Sub Type to the Cross Property Detail and Quick Search screens.


12. Added County field to the Search Widget on the Home Page of Matrix.


Updated Matrix Items

13. Senior Community Y/N field will be required on all property types.

14. Moved Levels field up on the Agent Full & Agent Medium Displays.


15. Transfer Fee Paid By field will be required if the Transfer Fee Amount is greater than zero.


16. Laundry Features are now required  for all property types during a listing add.


17. Relocated the Map/Radius search control cluster to the top all search pages.


18. Client Report Status Changes – Reverted back to the regular statuses seen on the agent reports in Matrix.


18. Renamed Common Walls values.

Field Name Old Value Name New Value Name
Common Walls 1 common wall 1 Common Wall
Common Walls 2+ common walls 2+ Common Walls
Common Walls No one above No One Above
Common Walls No one below No One Below


19. Renamed Green Building  Verification Type values.

Field Name Old Value Name New Value Name
Green Building Verification Type LEED for Homes LEED For Homes
Green Building Verification Type LEED for Neighborhood Development LEED For Neighborhood Development
Green Building Verification Type Energy Star ENERGY STAR Certified Homes
Green Building Verification Type EPA Indoor airPLUS Indoor air PLUS


20. Renamed miscellaneous field values.

Field Name Old Value Name New Value Name
Green Water Conservation Landscaping Water-Smart Landscaping
Lease Renewal Compensation Commission Paid on Tenant Purchase Commission Paid On Tenant Purchase
Lease Term Month to Month Month To Month
Possession Close of Escrow Close Of Escrow
Property Sub Type Manufactured on Land Manufactured On Land
Rent Includes Electric Electricity
Skirt Vinyl Siding Vinyl
Skirt Fiberglass Siding Fiberglass


Retired/Removed Matrix Items

21. Retiring Baywood Park – BWPK from the City field.

22. Retiring BWPK-Baywood Park from the Area field.

23. Removed Property Manager Name and Property Manager Phone Number fields from all consumer facing displays/reports in Matrix, including the Matrix Consumer Portal and IDX.


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