Paragon: Update 12/05/2018

Paragon 5.68 Update – December 5, 2018

Changes include enhancements to the Collab Center, driving directions, and more.

Driving Directions in Google Maps

Paragon driving directions will be revamped. The dialog has been redesigned and will redirect you to Google Maps via a new browser tab. Once in Google, the map is interactive – you can make the most of all standard Google Maps features.



Additionally, if you use Print +, the map will be bigger and listing letters on the map will be associated with step-by-step directions.




Collab Center Upgrades

Automatic URL Creation: URLs will now be created automatically instead of manually. If you’ve already set up a Collaboration Center, nothing will be changed.

Copy Link Functionality: There will be a new button used to copy the sharing URL directly to your clipboard, removing the need to copy-and-paste manually.



Contact Activity Widget: The Contact Activity Widget will now feature four tabs. The upgraded widget will tell you about your contacts’ reaction to listings, activity, comments, and more. It also lets you know how many times a seller’s listing has been viewed and if it has been marked as a favorite.



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