Paragon: Update 4/24/19

Search – Power Search Voice Recognition (Chrome)

Voice Recognition in now available in the Power Search box. This new functionality (currently available only in Google Chrome) gives you the option to use voice input for Power Search.


To use this feature, simply click the microphone icon in the Power Search field. The first time you use Voice Recognition, Google Chrome will ask for permission to use your microphone. If you Allow permission, a box displays, indication Power Search is recording. The recording ends when you stop speaking for a moment.


Power Search processes the spoken input and returns the search results.


Recording permissions can also be enabled or disabled in Chrome browser settings at any time. If recording permissions have been denied, or no microphone is present, Paragon will return a warning message.


Note: The Voice Recognition function is natively supported in the Chrome browser with the following operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Android. This functionality may be used on other devices via the recording function of the keyboard. Older iOS devices may not support voice recognition via the keyboard.



Search – Map Tab and Results Tab

This updated user interface in Property Search, Property History Search, and Mapping Search brings the Map selection to the main search window, allowing you to easily switch between the Search criteria and the Map when creating a search. The Run Search tab allows you to access search results from either the Criteria tab or the Map tab.


Select the Map tab to switch to the Map view. All the familiar Map tools are available to help refine your search criteria.


With Zoom Out to Display All Listing Results, the map will zoom out to show all results. You can enable Map Boundary manually by clicking on this icon: . You may also draw a map shape to further refine your search.


With Enable Map Boundary by Default selected, Paragon retains your center-on-address preferences and default zoom level and the map boundary is locked on that area. Paragon returns listings within that area, updates the results count, and automatically adds Map Boundary to the Map field criteria as a shape.


Select the Run Search tab to view the search results. You can easily switch between all three tabs.


To set your default Map View, go to Preferences > System > Search Options, and select either Enable Map Boundary by Default or Zoom Out to Display All Listing Results. The universal system default is Zoom Out to Display All Listing Results.



Quick Search – Load Last Search

You can now recall and re-run previous searches done in the Quick Search box from your home screen. Like the Load Last Search function in Property Search, your previous Quick Searches will display in the dropdown. Select a search and the criteria will load into the Quick Search box.



Quick Search – Save Quick Search

From the Quick Search Results screen, the Save Search and Save Search As options are now enabled. Searches can be saved to Yourself or your Contacts.



The new Load Saved Search button allows you to quickly recall searches saved in the Quick Search box.




CMA – Warning Message if Cover Letter Exceeds Allotted Space

When creating the Cover Letter pages in the CMA Setup, Paragon will now automatically calculate whether the data will fit, based on images, text, and text formatting. If the data exceeds the boundaries of the finalized document page, a warning message will display when you save the document.

The enhancement shown here is from Preferences > CMA > Presentation Setup.  It is also available from Preferences > CMA Preferences Wizard and from within the CMA Presentation.



CMA – Tool Tip for Suggested List Price

An info tip has been added to the CMA Presentation > Comparable Price Analysis page that points out where the Suggested List Price Range appears in the CMA Presentation documents.


Collaboration Center – Implement RatePlug

Collaboration Center has been enhanced to support the RatePlug integration to determine if an agent has an active RatePlug account.


CMA – Restrict Copy Listing to Subject Property

A new setting will prevent users from copying listing data to a CMA Subject Property unless the agent is the primary listing agent for that listing. With this restriction in place, if the user tries to copy another agent’s listing to a CMA Subject Property, Paragon will return an error message.


Collaboration Center – Updates to Start an Offer Confirmation Form

A disclaimer has been added to the bottom of the Start an Offer confirmation box: This offer is not a contract and is not intended to create a binding agreement on the Seller or Buyer; it is simply a notification to your agent of your interest in this property.




Collaboration Center – Updates to the Start an Offer Agent Email

Updates have been made to the Agent email that’s received when a Client uses the Start an Offer form in Collaboration Center.

  • The email Subject line has been enhanced to help the email stand out
  • Additional listing information is now included in the body of the email
  • The Client’s contact information from the Collab Center is now included.