Paragon CRS Tax School Zones – What’s New Jan2021

Introducing the newest enhancement in the CRS Data Tax Suite: School Zones.

Learn to quickly access school zone data, plus how to access information on private and independent schools that your clients may want to review.

CRS Tax defines school zones by which schools authorities have zoned each property to attend, rather than just listing schools in close proximity.


You can find school zone information below the Map and Current Owner section. Each school shows the grade levels and the distance to the property.


To view school zones on the Property Report map, click “View Larger Map.”


Click the double arrows at the top left to display the layer options, then click on School Information.


Click the desired education levels (i.e. Elementary, Middle, or High School) and/or location to turn on the layer.

The “Other School Locations” layer shows any nearby private and independent schools that are not connected to a specific school zone.

Hover over the help button for more information.


To find school zones in the Advanced Search, click on “View Larger Map” and turn on the layer (see above).

Below the map, navigate to the location section where you can search by school zone names. For multiple schools, enter a comma between each school name.


Power Prospecting map layers also include School Zone data.


Updated Feb 2021