Paragon: Email Auto-Notifications

in Paragon: Email Management

NOTE: Before setting up your Email Auto-Notifications, we recommend that you set up your Preferences, to create your email signature as well as choose default settings related to Auto-Notify. The easiest way to set up your Preferences is to follow the steps in the Preferences Wizard (1). You can also select Preferences, then the User (a), System (b), and Email (c) folders individually, and save your changes.

These instructions explain how to set up Email Auto-Notifications for your EXISTING contacts.

  1. Click on the Contacts icon, and then select View/Manage Contacts.
  2. Click on the Contact’s name to open their Contact information.
  3. When the Contact Information displays, click on the Buyer Activity folder, and then click on the name of the search you’d like to activate Auto-Notify.
  4. Select the E-MAIL NOTIFICATION option

    The Email Notification Options template will display with your contact’s email address. Your default Message Body and Email Signature will automatically populate if you correctly set up your Preferences.

    • Click on the down arrow and choose the Results View (Report) you’d like to send.
    • Click the magnify glass to select the Type of notices your contact will receive.
    • Choose the Immdiately or Recurring option. Immediately (default) sends emails as soon as properties match the search. Several emails could be sent daily. Recurring sends an email at the time frame you set. Ideal for contacts requesting Daily, Weekly, or Monthly emails.
    • Select OK to start the Auto-Notification
  5. You’ll return to Contact Information, where you can continue maintaining your contact or select the red X to close.