Paragon: Update 5.72 – Browser Notifications 09/24/2019

Have you enabled Paragon to notify you before the system is ready to time out? Are you not seeing those notifications? You may need to update your browser settings. Here are the instructions to update your notification settings in the Chrome and Firefox browsers.


Paragon – Remove Blocked Browser Notifications


  • Settings (three dots, upper right-hand corner)
  • Advanced
  • Privacy & Security

  • Site Settings
  • Notifications

  • Block (find
    • Click on the three dots
        • Allow

(URL should now be listed in the Allow section)



If an agent accidentally selected to Not Allow notifications from Paragon, they can quickly remove it from the address bar.

  • Click the Notification symbol
  • Click to X to remove the temporary block

You may also remove blocked notifications by going to the:

  • Menu (three-lines, upper right corner)
  • Options
  • Privacy & Security

  • Scroll down to the Permissions section
  • Select Notifications > Settings

September 2019