Paragon: Update 04/06/2020

Virtual Open House Options

We’ve prepared two separate guides to virtual open houses. Click the links below to learn all about how Paragon handles live streamed events.
Paragon – Virtual Open House Options
Paragon – Tour and Open House Search

Email Reports: User Interface (UI) cleanup

The vendor used more concise labels, removed some irrelevant information, and clarified some terminology to simplify the manual email reports dialog box.








Contacts: Saved Searches Simplified

When saving a search to a contact and setting up automatic notifications, the vendor has made the experience more intuitive while retaining the current functionality.



  1. Tools are in the toolbar Resend Invitation, formerly Send Link button
    • View Collab Center, formerly View Site button
  2. Collaboration Center is now the default notification type
    • Click the drop-down arrow to change notification type
    • Settings, formerly Notification Settings link
  3. Statistics are displayed together
    • Click “Days of history to display” for activity up to 7 days back
  4. Comments are now in context






Contacts: Information Tree Updates

The vendor simplified the tree by removing unnecessary icons and Collaboration Center search-specific comments. These comments are now on the search settings page.





Contacts: Search the ‘To’ field in Sent Messages

In Contacts > Sent Messages and within the contact’s information under Message History, you can now use the Search field to search either the “Subject Line” or the “To” field, for messages sent to a specific contact.






Listing Input: New CRS Data Integration Point for Tax Autofill

Users can now get more information about a public record property from the CRS Tax Autofill search results via the new Tax Specialty View option under the Available Reports menu.

When entering a new listing, click on Tax Autofill>CRS Tax Autofill.



  1. Enter the County in the required field, along with additional information such as Street Number and Street Name. Click Search to display the Spreadsheet view.
  2. New report options from the Available Reports menu, including Tax Specialty View.




A. Full Detail Report

B. MLS – Tax Full Report

C. CRS Data: Property Detail Report





Collab Center: Agent email notifications will display Sold and List Price

Both the List and Sold Price will display on the Agent Collab Center email notifications.




Collab Center: Agent email notifications will display Current and Previous list price

Both the Current and Previous list price will display on the Agent Collab Center email notifications.



March 2020