Paragon: Update 11/23/2020

This guide will show you the latest enhancements to your CRMLS Paragon system.


CMA – Unique Cover Letters Per Presentation

With this enhancement, adding a cover letter to a presentation creates and saves a unique copy of the cover letter to that presentation. Users can edit and modify the cover letter and it will only affect that presentation, rather than all instances of the cover letter throughout the CMA module.

To get the unique cover letter on an existing CMA, click on Cover Letter in the Presentation Setup for that CMA, personalize it, and then Save the new cover page.


Contacts – Collab Center Agent Preview

We’ve improved the interface for approving and disapproving listings for Agent Preview searches. You can still approve or disapprove multiple listings at one time from the Property System Grid, and individually from a detailed view.

The detail view will now advance to the next listing, rather than returning to the first listing.

From Contacts > View/Manage Contacts, click on the number in the Needs Approval column to display the Property System Grid to approve or disapprove.

Click on the MLS# to display the listing in a detail view to approve or disapprove.


Search – Advanced Date Range Operators and Prospecting

The Advanced Date Range Operators (7 days back, 6 months back, etc.) are now invalid to use as criteria in a contact’s saved search as they cause degraded performance issues over time. A warning message will alert the user as to which field(s) are invalid.

Using the calendars to enter a begin and/or end date is still valid.

You can still use advanced date range operators in a saved search if it is not saved to a contact for prospecting.


Search – Listing Slideshow

You can now email the Paragon Listing Slideshow directly to your contacts! Previously, users could email the link to themselves or copy and paste the URL from the preview and then email it. The user interface has also been updated so that it is easier to use.

After selecting the listings, click on the Actions menu and select Listing Slideshow.

Enter a slideshow name, listing information, photos options and click Compose Email.  

Enter the email address(es) and update the subject line and message if needed. Click Send. 


Listing Expiration Notices in Sent Messages Log

We have added listing expiration notices to the Sent Messages log to help users track them. We have updated the subject line, including the listing address where available. Listing expiration notices use the agent email in Paragon.


Membership Roster – Office Broker and Main Office Added

The Membership Roster now includes a link to the Office Broker’s information card and the Main Office information card. Click on the links to display the detail cards.


Contact Saved Searches – Notification Indicator in Contacts Tree

New icons indicating the type of notification setting now appear next to each saved search linked to a contact. The three icons indicate:


Collaboration Center Cleanup

The developers of Paragon made several enhancements and cleaned up design issues. Here are the highlights.


Collab Center – Compare Label

The compare icon has been updated to a label, based on user feedback.


Collab Center – Search Icon

When searching is enabled, users can now access it from the main screen in the Collab Center. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the dashboard header to begin a new search.


Collab Center – Gray Border

The gray border around the photo has been removed.  Photos come in various resolutions, making the gray border appear much larger and unbalanced.


Collab Center – First Loading Application

When a user enters or reloads the Collaboration Center site, the menu box would open first before displaying the contents on the screen. To improve speed, the menu controls will no longer show.


Collab Center – Seller Activity Tool Tip

A tool tip has been added to Competition in the Seller Activity tab. This new tool tip informs the user how the system found or calculated competitive listings within the map.


Collab Center – Seller Activity Emails

We made updates to the layout, spelling, grammar, spacing, and more of sell side emails.


Updated Dec 2020