Paragon: Update 06/01/2020

Tours of New System Features and Enhancements

Take a mini walkthrough of new Paragon features and enhancements. The tour will pop up in Paragon automatically at selected features. Page through the tour or select Remind Me Later to view on your next visit to the page. Look for the inaugural tour on the Map Search tab in this release!



Tour settings: To stop showing the tours or to show them all again, go to Preferences > System Preferences > User Interface > UI Tours. Select your option and then click Save.



Contacts – Agent email not configured

The message that displays if the user doesn’t have an email address configured when attempting to set up notifications for a contact has been clarified.



Contacts – Improved handling of email addresses

The developers of Paragon have improved the handling of invalid characters in email addresses, based on industry standards, to help improve data quality and avoid bounced messages.

When a user enters an email address with invalid characters, an updated error message displays the incorrect address and provides a list of invalid characters



If an email address has a plus sign in the “local part” of the email address, the system will retain the plus sign, rather than replacing it with a space, as it did previously. The receiving email system will handle those addresses according to their protocols.



Contacts – Contacts grid columns reordered

The columns in the View/Manage Contacts grid have been rearranged to match the nested Search grid.



Search – Share via Text email requirement removed

The email address requirement when adding a new contact from Share via Text has been removed.



Note: the email address is needed to opt a contact back into receiving text messages from Paragon. The Opt In process in Contacts has an existing check for an email address, making it unnecessary to require it when a user adds a new contact.



Search – Save & Notify for Listing Carts

The Save & Notify button has been added to the Listing Cart. Clicking Save & Notify routes you to the selected Contact’s Agent Recommended page, just as it does for Saved Searches.


Search – Power Search Refinements

The Power Search has been updated to return better results when searching a numeric string. Power Search will return general search results based on matches to address fields, in addition to matching listing IDs.



Did you know that using quotes around your search criteria can return better results? The updated Power Search tooltip includes this helpful tip. Look for more Power Search enhancements in future releases.



Search Tax – CRS Data Property Report from Property Watch and Alerts

When the developers of Paragon introduced Property Watch, it lacked the ability to link to the CRS Data Property Report from the property panel that displays next to the Property Watch and Alerts grids. This feature has now been added.


Listing Input – Retain 1.0 Geocode when converting Partial Listings

If a user has manually placed the map pin on a partial listing, resulting in a 1.0 geocode quality, Paragon will retain that pin placement when the user converts the listing to a live listing, eliminating the extra step of placing the pin a second time.


May 2020