Paragon: Update 09/21/2020

Contacts – Importing Yahoo Contacts

You can now import contacts from your Yahoo account. This option will allow you to browse, search, and multi-select Yahoo contacts to import into Paragon. The fields that will import are First and Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number.

You can find the Import feature in Contacts > View/Manage Contacts > Import > Yahoo



Authorization is required for Paragon to access your Yahoo account. Click Get Code.

Yahoo may need to verify you are the one signing in.



Agree to allow Paragon access to your Yahoo contacts and profiles > Copy the sharing approval code > paste the code into the Code box > Click Authorize.



Select Contacts and click Next to complete the import.




Contact Summary – Collab Center Notifications added to Search Activity Section

The Contact Summary in the Contact Manager has been enhanced. It will now show all Collaboration Center Notifications sent out of Paragon to that client!

Go to Contacts > View Manage Contacts > Click on the contact’s name. On the left side, click on Contact Summary > Search Activity section. The grid has been enhanced to show all notification settings: Off, or Collab Center.



Contacts – New Contact View Shows Listing Detail and comments

As a time saving tool, the developers of Paragon have created a new view in Contacts. This view allows you to see your listing default report with any comments made for a particular property on which your client is collaborating with you. This view will allow you to read the comment and know exactly what property they are commenting on, so you can comment right back to them.

Access this view through the contact widget on the front page or through the contact tab by clicking on the bubble.




Power Search – Search – Three Additional Refinements

The Power Search continues to gain refinements to provide you with better results!


Viewing Inactive Members

Previously the agent roster only returned active members, even if the user had permission to view inactive members. Now the roster will return active and inactive members based on permission.


Power Search Box – User Interface

To help improve the readability, the Power Search box saw minor user interface changes. The size of the input box was increased; the Help icon and Voice Search icons were aligned with the box.


Power Search Update status color

The Power Search listing results have been improved for better readability. The status text color changes to white when you highlight the row.


Updated Sept 2020