Paragon: Update 06/11/19

Paragon Latest Enhancements 5.71 – June 2019

Search – Apply/Save Customized Search Fields in One Click

When customizing fields in your search template, you can now apply those changes and save the search with one click.

  • For an existing search select (Apply/Save)

  • Create a new search (Apply/Save As)


  • Apply fields to a current template without saving (Apply)


Email Opt Out – New Process

This version of Paragon introduces a new opt out process for emails to eliminate accidental email opt outs. Clients/recipients will now have to enter an email address and select what type of messages they want to opt out from.

Power Search – Listing Status Displayed

The listing status will be displayed and color-coded next to the listing’s address when displaying Power Search results.

Power Search – Additional Voice Functionality (Chrome only)

Two new keyword functions have been added to help you perform Price Range and Phone Number searches. We’ve also increased the delay; the search will now run two seconds after you stop speaking.

To perform these functions, click on the microphone and speak:

  • Price: low price TO high price

Example: speak five hundred thousand TO six hundred thousand.

Tip: If searching for properties between 1.2 million and 1.3 million, say one million two hundred thousand TO one million three hundred thousand.

  • Phone: PHONE xxx-xxx-xxx

Example: say PHONE follow by the phone number. Don’t include hyphens, dots, dashes, only the numbers. Results can show Agents, Offices, or your Contacts associated with that phone number.

For fun, speak your phone number and see the results.

CMA – Updated Text for Calculated Adjustments

The instructions on the Calculated Adjustments page in Preferences and in CMA > Adjustments have been reworded, and the hover tool tip on the Calc Adjust button has been updated.

There is no change to the Calculated Adjustments functionality.

CMA – Summary of Adjustments Page for Calculated Adjustments

The Summary of Adjustments page will be grayed out until adjustments are made using either the Calc Adjust option or entering adjustments to comparable listings.

 This enhancement corrects an issue whereby the Summary of Adjustments page didn’t generate if the only adjustments were made using the Calc Adjust button.

CMA – Summary Report – Text Wrap Issue Fixed

The CMA Summary Report text wrapping issue has been fixed. Prior to this enhancement, when a user emailed a report, many of the columns would experience excessive and awkward text wrapping.

Note: Adding a large number of fields to the report may still cause text wrapping to occur.

CRS Tax – New Data Integration Point

You may now jump to the CRS Data Property Report from the Map Panel for an MLS Listing.