Paragon: Update 10/08/2019

Search – Email Initial Search Results Option

When setting up Saved Search notifications, Paragon will display a message informing users to click on a link to send the initial search results. Upon doing so, users may type in their client’s email address and send the initial search results manually.

The verbiage and pop up box have been updated to inform users to click on Email to send the initial search results to the contact.


Collab Center – Display Favorite/Possible Listing Preview in Agent Notification Email

When enabled, the agent notification emails will display a preview for listings the user’s client has marked as Favorite or Possible.

NOTE: In some cases, the listing could appear twice, for example, if the listing is new and marked as favorite.



How to enable the Agent Notifications

Go into Preferences > Collab Center > Notification Options > Check the boxes next to Notify on favorite listing and/or Notify on possible listing > select Save.



Collab Center – Add Text Message to Start an Offer

If enabled, users will receive a text message along with an email when a client completes a Start an Offer form in the Collab Center. The text message will include the following information: Contact Name, Listing Address, MLS ID, Offer Price, and Proposed Closing Date.



To enable the Text Message option

Go into Preferences > User > Mobile Account Settings > enter your Mobile Number > select Save




Search – Search Results Saved to Contact – Limit Raised to 500

The maximum limit for results in a contact’s saved search has been increased to 500 matches.



Home Page – New User Menu

This new menu persistently reflects the logged in or assumed user across Paragon, plus contains the switchers and Assume Identity features as well as the user code.



The menu displays User identifying information, User specific actions and the Log Out button.



Assumed identities are denoted with an icon on the menu button and within the menu itself.



Map Panel – Enhanced Parcel-Click Map Data

The following enhanced data, including public record fields have been added to the parcel-click map display:

  • Last Sale Amount and Date
  • Propensity (to sell) Score, REO and Owner Occupied to be added soon
  • Estimated Loan to Value (LTV)
  • Estimated Equity


Public Record Fields

  • Beds/Baths
  • Square Feet (SqFt)
  • Lot Size
  • Owner Name
  • Tax ID