Paragon: Update 2/12/20

The following enhancements were added to the Paragon platform on Feb 12, 2020.

Recurring Open Houses and Tours

A new calendar has been added, allowing users to select multiple dates and create recurring instances for Open Houses and Tours.



New Date Picker Control will also make navigating calendars and selecting dates easier.


Input Maintenance Errors Table Enhancements

Enhancements have been implemented to help users move through and correct errors in the Input Maintenance Table.

  1. Errors and warnings totals
  2. Added navigation buttons for moving through the errors (F8 still works too)
  3. Simplified column data by combining condition type and acceptance columns
  4. Resizable pane above the form
  5. New icons indicate condition type
  6. Persistent highlighting on the form




Email – CollabLink

The new CollabLink email type allows users to send a CollabLink report. This report is designed to be responsive and accessible across all device sizes.



Save Search and Listing Cart Simplified

Save Search and Listing Carts dialog boxes have been upgraded with better controls, straightforward wording, and consistent design.






Report Menu – Tree View Enhancements

Several enhancements have been made to the report menu (tree view).

  • Made it easier to click
  • Removed unnecessary UI elements
  • Promoted single items to be top level and no longer requiring a dropdown
  • More intuitive method for managing favorites in Views/Reviews




Listing Office Check when Converting a Subject Property

When converting a Subject Property to a listing using CMA > Maintain Subject Property, the system will check that the Listing Agent is in the Listing Office for the selected property. If not, the system returns an error, and the user must select the correct office to clear the error and save. This ensures that if an agent has changed offices after creating a Subject Property, the newly saved listing will be assigned to the correct office.



Link to Black Knight (BK), developers of Paragon, Privacy Policy

A link for the BK Privacy policy has been added to the Quick Action bar at the bottom of Paragon. This link cannot be removed when customizing the bar.





Default Phone Type for Share Via Text and Adding Contact

When adding a new contact from the Share via Text modal, the phone type will now default to Personal Cellular.



February 2020

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