Paragon – Latest Enhancements Effective July 29, 2020


ConnectView Reports

ConnectView is an all-encompassing report located at the top of your Favorites folder. 

This report combines all the details of a Listing, including any Documents, Property History, Automated Valuations, Community Reports, and Public Record Data. Simply click the tabs at the top to be taken to each section or scroll the View.

To set this report as the default search result report, or default double-click report go to Preferences > User > Results.

If you remove ConnectView from your favorites, it will appear under Specialty Views by default.

When sharing via email, the ConnectView will be sent as a CollabLink.


Listing Input – Saving a Partial Listing – Certain Field Requirements Removed

Saving a Partial Listing just got easier!

When saving a Partial Listing, you will no longer be required to save List Date, Expiration Date, Type, or Area. This will allow you to get the partial started, even if you don’t have all the details.



When the Partial listing is converted to a listing, the field requirements are enforced again.



Contacts – Importing Google Contacts

You now have a new import option for Contacts, which allows you to browse and multi-select Google contacts to import into Paragon!

The fields imported are; First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number.


Power Search – Better results with shorter numbers

The Power Search continues to be refined to bring you better results for a short numeric string.

When searching for an address using a short numeric string, the Power Search will return exact matches first, before returning ‘starts with’ matches.

For example, 123 will return listings with street number 123 before listings with street number 1234 or 1235.

Must enter at least three (3) characters before the system will return results. This includes any combination of letters, numbers or a space.


Search – Display Public Records with Listings on Map

A recent Paragon release added the ability to display associated public record pins with listing pins on the same map (shown below). However, the public record portion was limited to the map boundaries and ignored any drawings used in the search for the listings. Now, if and when there are drawings on the map, the public record search will include the drawing coordinates in the search and limit the results to the drawings, just like the listings.



Search – Display Public Records with Listings on Map (Prior release review)

A new Premium Tax feature has been added, called Integrated Search, that gives users the ability to display both listings and public records that meet the same criteria on a single Map View. Users can also include Owner Occupied as criteria.


Here’s how it works.


After getting search results, switch to Map Search to access the new feature and click on the PR button.


The new search is enabled at the parcel layer level. If the map is not at the parcel level, a ZOOM MAP option will jump the view to the parcel level when clicked and enable the criteria panel so the user can run the search. Any Price, Beds, Baths, and Square Foot criteria entered for the listing search will automatically carry forward, eliminating the need to enter criteria twice.



Click the Search button to display any criteria-related public records, indicated by the aqua colored pins, within the current map boundaries. If necessary, you can remove the public record pins by clicking the “Clear Public Record Pins” link.



From the results, users can view more data about the related public records by clicking on the aqua colored pins.


From the panel, users can also add a property watch by clicking the WATCH PROPERTY option.


Tax – Select one or more properties from watch list and export data

When searching your watched properties, a check box has been added to the give you the ability to select one, more, or all your properties from your watch list and export the data. With the export, the agent will be able to sort, print, or email the list. The Owner Name has been added to the grid so that you can use that information in a mailing list.



Tax – Add “Details” Column to My Property Watch Alert Grid

When looking at your watched properties, the details have been added to the grid, eliminating the need to return to the original email.



Enhanced Parcel Property Panel

If you have a single parcel with multiple units, such as a condo, the property panel will display the parcel address followed by multiple Unit numbers for that parcel. Click the unit number to view the individual property record for that unit.



July 2020