Paragon: Opting-In to Syndication

Opting-in to syndication (or listing distribution) in Paragon is a simple process with no more than two steps. If you’d like to opt in to send your listings to online listing portals, here’s everything you need to do.

Please note: You do not need to perform step 1 (opting into Zillow and Trulia) to perform step 2, nor vice versa. These two steps are separate from one another.


Step 1 – How to Opt-In to Zillow and Trulia

1. Log into the MLS and click on the Bridge Interactive icon.



2. Click on the Opt In button on the landing page.


Step 2 – How to Opt-In to Additional Syndication
If you’d like to send your listings to Virtual Office Websites (VOWs), a wide range of consumer websites via ListHub, or Internet Data Exchange (IDX) search, you may manage your preferences easily in Paragon. (For more information on ListHub syndication, check out this flyer:

Log into Paragon, click on Listings, choose your listing, and scroll down until you see the following in the listing input/edit:



You will have the option to choose your syndication preferences in three separate fields. Note: If you choose “No” for “VOW”, then all 3 fields will default to “No” upon “Save.”

Helpful hint: the term “Internet Syndication” in Paragon is synonymous with ListHub syndication. For more info about ListHub syndication, check out this flyer: