Paragon: Tour & Open House Search

Click on the Search icon

  • Select Tour And Open House.

Enter a Date Range

  • Use your own dates, Select preset Date Ranges, or enter a specific number of Days Forward.

Select the Status; Tour or Open House

For a specific Tour Group, enter the Tour number or click the magnify glass to select from the list.

  • Scroll down or use the Search box to find the Tour
  • Check the box next to the Tour
  • Click Save

Add additional search criteria if needed (optional).

Click Search to see the results

Save the Search (optional)

  • To save a search hover over Save Search and select Save Search As, then name and save the search.
  • Saved T/OH searches are stored in the Load Search tool.

Click Reports to view other Tour/OH reports (optional).

Find Tour and Caravan dates/times/locations on the AoRs website

  • Tour/Caravan: A marketing session to promote and view a property exclusively to Agents/Brokers, not the public.
  • Open House: A public viewing of a property hosted by the Listing Agent/Agent/Broker during specific dates and times.

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