Paragon: Update 12/3/19

The following enhancements to Paragon will be effective Dec 4th, 2019

Map Parcel Lines Default to On

The map layer for parcel lines will now appear by default – no more having to click multiple times to get them to appear. Once you reach the appropriate zoom level on the map, parcel lines will display automatically, and you will be able to interact with the parcels.


Note: parcel labels will not be enabled by default.


Enhanced Scroll Bar on Property Panel

As more data is being added to the Parcel and Listing property panels, the vendor has changed the scroll bar to allow for the entire panel to scroll. This will make it easier to access the data, especially at lower screen resolutions or on smaller devices.



Share Listings Via Text

This enhancement enables agents to share listings via text message. The outgoing text message includes the agent’s name and mobile number along with a CollabLink hyperlink to view the listings



Share via text from:

  • Search Results



  • Listing Input and Maintenance Quick Actions and Form Menu



Users must complete the Mobile Account Settings in Preferences to send text messages from Paragon.



Logging Text Messages

Sent Items and E-Mail History are now called Sent Messages and Messages History. They will now include sent email and text message history. The type column displays whether the message was manual or auto. Hovering over the contact name will reveal the associated phone number.




Opt In to Text Messaging

This enhancement allows agents to send an opt in email to a contact who may have accidentally opted out of receiving text messages. In order to opt in a contact, the agent will need to visit the contact record where an Opt In link will be displayed next to the contact phone numbers that have opted out.



The contact will receive an email with a link to the Text Message Opt In screen, where they will need to enter their phone number to opt in.



Upon doing so, they will receive a confirmation text.

Note: a user can only opt in a phone number once every 30 days. A message will display if the phone number cannot be opted in.


Nov 2019

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