Paragon: Update 8/13/19

Paragon Latest Enhancements 5.72, August 13, 2019

Quick Search – Apply/Save Customized Search Fields in One Click

When customizing your Quick Search fields, you can now apply those changes and save the search with one click.

  • For an existing search select (Apply/Save)
  • Create a new search (Apply/Save As)
  • Apply fields to a current template without saving (Apply)


 HTML 5 Notifications for Session Expiration

 To enable the push notifications, you must agree to allow Paragon to show notifications. These settings can be changed later in your browser settings.

  • The push notifications work in the following operating systems: Windows, MacOS, and Android
  • The push notifications work in the following browsers: Edge (Classic and Chromium versions), Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac only)

Above: You must click to allow notifications to be sent.

Below: Examples of notifications


Listing Activity Report

Going forward, the listing activity report has been updated to track listing activity data for the life of the listing. (The prior limit was 120 days. Previously pruned data cannot be recovered.)


Statistical Reporting – City and State added on the Sales Detail Report (For Brokers)

City and State/Province now appear as part of the address field on the Sales Detail report.


CMA – Adjustment Values for Comparable Reports

With the addition of the adjustment value on the Summary of Adjustments and CMA Comp Report Horizontal, you may now see how the adjustment value was derived. This is especially useful if using calculated adjustments.


Map – Updated Descriptions

Descriptive text was updated in Preferences > System Preferences > Search Options for the following options:

  • Custom Map Address and Zoom Level
  • Map – Boundary by Default
  • Map – Zoom to Fit


Start an Offer

Improvements have been made to the Start an Offer process, which allows clients to notify their agent that they are interested in a specific listing.


ShowingTime Widget

The ShowingTime widget will now be on the Home Page. Click any icon to launch a new browser tab/window and seamlessly log into ShowingTime and open to the specific data.

When new data is available, a red circle with a number will appear on the icon representing changes/new data.


ShowingTime – Sell-Side Activity Widget

Clients enabled with the sell side option in the Collaboration Center will see a widget on their seller activity tab which allows them to view the showing activity on their property. This view is currently available for consumers only.



Automated Valuations (AVMs)

 Automated Valuations are now available from Black Knight, RPR, and Zillow. Automated Valuations are estimated market values based on mathematical modeling of a property’s value at a specific point in time based on comparable properties and other available data. The AVMs are available in the following three areas:

  1. The Property Detail View in the Collab Center
  2. The Map Panel for Listings and Parcels
  3. The CMA Comparable Price Analysis Report

You can enable/disable the AVMs using the new option in Preferences > Collab Center > Automated Valuations. This gives you the ability to disable the AVMs so that they do not appear in the Collab Center. AVM views are disabled by default.


AVM Preference setting

You can enable/disable the AVMs for the Collab Center by selecting the Automated Valuations option.

An agent-facing option that will allow agents to view more information on the activity is currently being developed.


AVMs in Detail View of Collaboration Center

When enabled, a new “Valuations” tab will appear in the Property Detail View. Clicking on the tab will jump you to the valuations section of the report.



AVMs in Listings View

Map Panel View and Parcel Map Panel


AVMs in the CMA Comparable Price Analysis Report

Like the map panel AVMs, there is no user preference to disable/enable in CMAs because you can do this at the report level. If you deselect all three AVMs, the section will not appear on the report.


Interactive Map Layers

Map Layers are here! You can now create custom map layers, draw shapes, and then use those shapes as part of search. Users can create layers either as agents for individual use, or as office managers/brokers for their office use.


Creating Map Layers

To get started, open the map layers panel by going to: Preferences > Mapping > Interactive Map Layers

First, you’ll need to create a layer by clicking on the + Create New button.

This will open the Add Layers tab. Name the layer, select an owner level, and then click save.

Once you’ve created the layer, you’ll need to open it to add shapes. Click on the name of the layer to open it.

Click the ‘Draw Polygon’ button and then use your mouse to draw the desired shape on the map. Once you have drawn the shape, name the shape, assign a color, and save. Repeat to draw additional shapes on your map layer.

To edit an existing shape, click on it, then use the handles (which appear as white circles) to adjust the shape. Once completed, click save.

To delete an existing shape, click on it, then press the delete key on your keyboard.


Using Layers: Search

Open the map, then click the Map Layers icon in the map toolbar. Interactive layers will display at the bottom of the panel. Layers will appear sorted first by type (Agent, Office if applicable), then alphanumerically by name.

Enable an Interactive Layer by checking the box to the left of the name. Important: only one Interactive Layer can be active at a time.

Once you have enabled a layer, click on any shape in the layer to add it to your search criteria. Repeat this process for any additional shapes you wish to include.

To remove a shape, deselect it in the layers panel (shown above), or delete it from the map control field in the criteria tab (shown here).



 Can I add additional shapes when performing a search?

Yes, you can draw additional shapes with the map tools while you have an interactive layer enabled.

Do interactive layer shapes count towards the maximum amount of shapes?

No, interactive layers shapes do not count towards this limit.

Can I include shapes from different interactive layers?

Yes. You can add a shape from a layer to your criteria, then switch to a different interactive layer to add additional shapes to your criteria.

What happens to my saved search if a layer or shape is changed?

Your search results will be updated to reflect the changes to that shape/layer. Any notifications for that search will only be sent for new listings when they meet the notification criteria of the search.

Can I import a map layer and make it interactive? Are the old map layers interactive, too?

These are planned future enhancements.

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