Paragon: Update 04/07/2021

This guide highlights what’s new and the latest enhancements in Paragon.

User Preferences – Hotsheet and Tour/Open House Reports

You can now change your default result display options for Hotsheet and Tour/Open House right from the available reports drop-down.

From the Reports button on the results page, click the gear icon to open a dialog box, and then click the drop-down arrow to select your default report and click “Save.”


Improved Handling of Street Address fields

We’ve improved handling of the address fields to help ensure data integrity. In the Search and Listing Input screens, Address-Unit will display as part of the street address fields, highlighted in green .

Please note that if you select “Required Only” in the listing input screen, all of the green-highlighted address fields will display when any part of the street address is required.



Expiring Notifications – Minor UI adjustments

Based on user feedback, we made a few changes to the new Expiring Notifications modal. We’ve rearranged the columns and placed the two action columns – Extend and Notifications (on/off) – at the end of the row.

In earlier versions of Paragon, when you opened the modal from the Messages widget, the help text would not appear. We have fixed this so that the text always displays.



Power Search – Exclude Offices when “Include in Roster= N”

If an office record has the Include in Roster flag off, users below security level 7 will be unable to view those offices in the Membership Roster. Those offices will not appear in Power Search Results whenever your security level does not allow visibility.



Preference Wizard – Message Body and Email Signature pages

We’ve made some changes in the Preferences Wizard to clarify workflow. These include an ‘R’ icon, signifying that a field is required, next to the Name field. When you create a default message body and signature, you will see that the checkbox for Default is already selected in both pages.

You can change the default through Preferences whenever you create additional Message Bodies or Email Signatures.



Add Purge Date to Partial Listings Table

A new column titled ‘Purge Date’ in the Partial Listings table will now calculate and display the dates when the system will purge your partial listings.



Updated Button Styles

The buttons in the Upload dialog boxes now have a style consistent with other buttons throughout Paragon. When the mouse pointer is hovering over the button, the button will highlight to communicate that it’s actionable.



Disable Contact Notifications when primary email is removed

If you remove the primary email address for a contact that has automatic notifications enabled, a message will pop up checking for confirmation. If you confirm the change, the system will disable all automatic notifications for that contact (e.g. buyer activity, seller activity, agent recommended).


The confirmation message that pops up when you edit the primary email address for contacts with automatic confirmations is now more concise and will display after you hit “Save.”




Collaboration Center


Collaboration Center – Radius

We’ve made radius searching in the Collaboration Center easier for you and your clients. You can simply enter an address, click submit, and the radius is ready. We have also updated the help text to assist you while searching.



Collaboration Center – Compare Workflow

Compare Workflow is a feature that allows you or your client to compare listings side by side while in the Collaboration Center. We have added a “Compare” icon next to the folder icon on each listing.

To compare two listings, click the “Compare” icon next to the first listing you want to compare. The icon will turn orange and you will see a count of 1. Click the “Compare” icon on a second listing to launch the compare screen.

After you are finished comparing the two listings, click “Close” to end the compare feature and remove your selections.

Paragon Connect


Agent Listing Cart

Black Knight is also excited to present the Paragon Connect Agent Listing Cart. The listing cart allows you to collect and store listings from anywhere in the system. Whether you run a property search, power search, open house, etc., you can save and store listings in a listing cart. Here’s a quick step-by-step to get you started:

Using a Listing Cart:

  1. Check one or more listings
  2. Click the three dots
  3. Click “Add to Cart”
  4. Choose an existing cart
  5. If you don’t already have a cart, or you wish to create a new one, click the + icon.


Access Agent Listing Carts

You can view your listing carts by navigating to the “My Content” section of the left navigation menu, where “Listing Carts” will appear as a new option. You can view all the listings in the cart, delete individual listings you no longer want to include, rename the cart, or delete it.

Steps to Access the Agent Listing Carts:

  1. Navigate to the left navigation (three lines)
  2. Select “My Content”
  3. Select “Listing Carts”
  4. Click on any listing cart to view the listings in that cart
  5. You can access the rename or delete options by clicking the three dots


Syncing Listing Carts

Listing carts created in either Paragon Connect or Paragon Classic will display in both applications.


Calculator Terms

We adjusted the Mortgage Calculator in Paragon Connect to allow you to enter any term you want to explore. The default is 30 years.


Copy Link

Clicking on the share icon while you are viewing a single listing or multiple listings will now reveal a new “Copy Link” option. This allows you to copy a direct link to the “CollabLink” view. CollabLink is where you can send clients a public report view of the selected listings. The same option exists today inside your Paragon Classic system.



Updated April 2021