Paragon: Update 2/27/19

Listing Input – Browser-based Spell Check

For a consistent experience throughout Paragon, all freeform fields now use a browser-based spell check function. Browser-based spell checking is supported in all browsers compatible with Paragon, and in iOS and Android devices.

Listing Input – Mapping – Listings no longer Re-Geocoded if Pin is Manually Placed and Address is Updated

For listings with a geocode quality = 1.0, Paragon will not attempt to re-geocode the listing if the list agent modifies the listing address.

Previously, even a minor modification, such as correcting a typo in the address, would cause the system to re-geocode the map coordinates. In most cases, if the listing agent has manually placed the pin, it should be on the correct map coordinates. Therefore, Paragon will no longer override that decision by re-geocoding the listing if the address changes.


Search Mapping – Option to Select Search Map Boundary to User’s Selected Zoom Level

A new option has been added to Preferences > Search Options that, when checked, will restrict the Google search map to the user/MLS default zoom level.

The new option, “Enable Map Boundary to Zoom Out to Display all Listing Results,” works in conjunction with the MLS default zoom level and existing Preferences option “Custom Map Address and Zoom Level.”


If unchecked (system default), the Search by Map option in the Property Search will keep the user’s default zoom level and some listings in the results may not be visible on the map without zooming out.


When checked, the Search by Map option will zoom out to display all listing results.




Search – Action Buttons Added to Top of Quick Search Widget

The Count/Clear/Search buttons have been added to the top of the Quick Search widget; the buttons can now be accessed from both the top and bottom of the widget.

Search Results – Sale/Rented Price Included in Summary Stats Sold Price

Previously, the Sold Price summary statistics at the top of the Search Results grid did not include listings in Status of Leased/Rented. The calculations for Sold Price statistics have been updated to include the Sold Price for Leased/Rented listings.


CMA – Warning Message if Agent Resume/Company Info/Final Comments Exceeds Allotted Space

When creating the Agent Résumé, Company Info, and/or Final Comments pages in CMA Setup, there was previously no indication if the text and images entered in the text editor would fit the final, formatted document – thus causing data to be cut off. This enhancement will automatically calculate whether the data will fit, based on images, text, and text formatting. If the data will exceed the boundaries of the finalized document page, a warning message will display when the user saves the document.

This enhancement is available from Preferences > CMA > Presentation Setup, Preferences > CMA Preferences Wizard, and from the CMA module > Presentation Setup.

CMA – Updated Instructions for Adding Subject Property

The CMA Presentation supports three options for adding a Subject Property. To provide better information regarding the functionality of each option, new instructional text has been added on the page.

The new text highlights that the first option, “Create New Subject Property”, should be used to manually create a brand-new Subject Property or to copy an existing listing into an editable Subject Property. This option can take advantage of the Copy/Clone function to create a Subject Property based upon an existing Listing Number so that the data (price, etc.) can be updated to reflect the current status of the Subject Property.

The third option, “Use an Existing ML Listing” allows you to reference an existing listing with no ability to edit the listing details.

CMA – View Subject Property from Comparable Search

To enable users to easily access their Subject Property details while searching for Comps, a button to “View Subject Property” has been added to the Search Criteria screen. Click the View Subject Property button to open a detail view showing the Subject Property information. Click the Minimize button to minimize the detail view while on the Search Criteria screen.



CMA – Calculated Auto Adjustments for Numeric and Feature Fields

This enhancement allows each user to create and save adjustment values to current system fields (numeric and features only) that can be applied to CMA comparables and automatically calculated based on field values.

Feature fields and Numeric fields can be added to the Calculated Adjustments table. When applied to comps in the CMA with the Calc Adjust button, the adjustment value is added to each comp, and the total adjustment for that field on each comp is automatically calculated based upon the value in each comp listing compared to the Subject Property value.


Users can customize the selected fields and values in Preferences > CMA > Adjustments > Calculated Adjustments.


Collaboration Center – Set Default Notification Types

This enhancement allows each user to set preferred notification types for Collaboration Center searches. This eliminates the need for the user to check the notification options each time a Collaboration Center search is created. The defaults can be set from Preferences > Collab Center > Notifications.

Collaboration Center – Miscellaneous Contact Activity Widget Changes

A new, updated Contact Activity Widget has been created on the Paragon Home Page to bring users’ Collaboration Center activity front and center.

Contact Activity (# NEW), was added to the header. Click the # New to open Contacts > View/Manage Contacts > New Activity.


On the Contact Activity Tab, a View Site button was added. Clicking View Site opens that Contact’s Buyer Activity tab in Collaboration Center.



Comments Tab: The Contact name now opens Contacts > View/Manage Contacts > Contact Activity. A Reply button opens the Manage Comments modal, to allow the user to view the entire comment and reply to the Contact. The Comment will remain visible on the widget (within the selected number of days back) until the agent replies.



Searches Tab: The Contact name opens Contacts > View/Manage Contacts > Contact Activity. The Search name links to the Contact’s Collaboration Center and opens the Map view of that client-created search. The # Matches is a link to the Paragon spreadsheet view of the matches in that client-created search.



 Sellers Tab: When a listing has been associated to a Contact, but the Collaboration Center Sell Side has not been enabled, clicking the listing address opens Contacts > View/Manage Contacts > Seller Activity, where the Sell Side and Seller Email Report can be enabled. When Sell Side has been enabled, the listing address opens the Seller Activity tab in the Contact’s Collaboration Center.

Collaboration Center – Start an Offer

Start an Offer provides a way for Contacts to send their real estate agent information to start an offer on a property. The Contact fills out a form on Collaboration Center, requesting the offer price, proposed closing date, and any special terms associated with the offer. The property can also be marked as “Make My New Home.”

When the form is submitted, an email is sent to the agent with the details of the property and the offer; the agent can contact that client and proceed with an offer, based on the information provided in the Start an Offer form.


An offer can also be made from the Additional Options button or the View Detail button in Collaboration Center.



Collaboration Center – Make My New Home

Contacts can now tag one or more properties as their new home on Collaboration Center. After an offer has been accepted, the client can mark the property or properties as the one they intend to purchase. When a listing is tagged, a new tab, “My New Home,” is added to Collaboration Center. All properties marked as “my new home” will appear on this tab.


“Make My New Home” is also available from the Additional Options button.


Collaboration Center Promotional Text and Link

To help promote the interactive Collaboration Center and its benefit to clients, a line of promotional text and a link to an overview page has been added to the bottom of the legacy email notifications.