Paragon What’s New Feb 2021

This guide highlights what’s new and the latest enhancements in Paragon.


Enhanced Access to Integrations and Paragon Tools

View more data and fewer icons, but with the same access to integrations and tools.

We enhanced the way you access Integrations and other Paragon System Actions from the spreadsheet search report as well as the detail views. The spreadsheet search report will display a single icon in the Action Icons column – – providing you more viewing space for data.

We’ve also added a new Actions button to the menu bar.


The Actions button on the menu bar has multiple functions. When you are in the spreadsheet report view, it provides access to actions you can take when you select multiple records. The Actions dialog box includes logic to display the available options based on whether you select one or multiple records.


In addition, this button brings Integrations and Paragon Tools to every detail view. Clicking the Action button in different detail views displays all the available options for the record in view.

This removes the need to have the icons embedded into custom reports.



Other Menu Changes

The previous Actions menu is now named “More,” and includes menu options that do not fit on the toolbar.

You may notice other changes in the overflow menu to the right. Multi-select integrations such as Cloud CMA, ShowingTime, and View in CRS are no longer present. You can find them when you select multiple records in spreadsheet view.


Here are the benefits of this new feature:

  • Access to integrations from any detail view
  • All integrations accessible from one central location
  • More space for listing data on spreadsheets
  • A context-sensitive Actions button in the toolbar (i.e., it displays single-option integrations when only one listing is selected or multi-option integrations when multiple are selected)
  • Access to integrations from any detail view even if Action icons are not in report
  • Icons labeled with text for better understandability
  • No need to embed Action icons in custom reports


Prospecting – Updates to Expiring Notifications

We’ve made numerous changes to simplify and improve the Expiring Notifications dialog window. We’ve enhanced the window to include more information, such as the Contact Name and the Last Accessed and Last Notified dates. You may now enable, disable, or extend the notifications for another year with a single click.

When you extend a search, Paragon will run the search against current prospecting restrictions, and return an error message if it detects prohibited criteria.


Prospecting – Reminder to Approve Listings for Agent Preview

Listings do not appear in Collaboration Center when you are using Agent Preview until you approve them. A warning message will pop up as a reminder when you send the Collaboration Center Welcome Email (both initially and if you use Resend Invitation). The warning remains on screen until you close it.


Search – Add Date Modified to Saved Property Searches

We’ve added a Modified date column to the grid in Search > Saved Property Searches. Now you can sort the grid by Modified date by clicking on the column header.


Power Search – Remove voice icon from incompatible browsers

The voice option on Power Search is currently only functional in Chrome. To avoid confusion, we’ve removed the voice search icon from all other browsers.


CMA – Standardize references to the CMA Preference Wizard (no image)

All references to the CMA Preferences Wizard now refer to the same Wizard. We have standardized the references to avoid confusion.


Property Watch – Suspend Notifications Based on Security Level

If a user falls below the MLS-specified security level for Property Watch, Property Watch will no longer send email notifications to the agent for new alerts. Paragon will still retain the alerts, and if the user’s security level changes to a valid setting for Property Watch, notifications will resume.


Photos – Easier to Read Instructions for Uploading Your Photos

We have simplified the instructions for uploading your images in Listing Input, Agent Photos, Office Logos, and more, We have modified the design while retaining all functionality.


Reports – Listing Report Menu Enhancements

The Listing Reports Menu now indicates your default reports for Search Reports and Detail Reports. You may change your preference from this screen.

Note: You may find selected preferences in User Preferences > System Preferences > Results Options.


Preferences – Results Preference User Interface Update

The Result Options page in User Preferences and in the Preference Wizard has a more organized look, with related options grouped together and without unnecessary text.



Listing – Log Off Toolbar Button Removed

The Log Off button is no longer on the Listings Maintenance toolbar.


Listings – New Add Button in Listing Toolbar

You can easily add a new listing of any class while maintaining your listings with the new Add Button. This affects both Partial and Full listing classes.



Listings – New Listing Navigation Simplified

When maintaining a listing, you formerly had to save your listing to see additional options (such as adding or maintaining photos, adding an open house, etc.). You can now see all the navigation options available while you’re creating a new listing without having to save first. This applies to both Partial and Full listings.


Paragon Connect


Settings – Snap or Upload Agent Image

You can now snap a picture or upload a new agent profile image in Paragon Connect. Your image is synced with Paragon Classic, so you don’t have to add twice. The system will crop the image to make sure your photo fits the circle profile layout perfectly.

Change your image by clicking on the pencil icon in your profile photo.



Here’s how it works:

Tap on the pencil icon and choose from three options:

  • Photo Library: Choose a photo from your phone’s photo library.
  • Take Photo: Use the camera on your phone to snap a photo of yourself.
  • Browse: Locate your profile image within file and cloud storage apps on your phone


Upload and Crop

If you plan to snap your own photo, note that a built-in tool will crop your image to fit within the circle frame.

Once you have your photo in the crop screen, you can move, increase, or decrease the crop area. To finish, just click save. Your updated profile image will appear both on your page and in Paragon Classic.


Save from Results

You can now save a search and set up a Collaboration Center site from the search result screen.  This improved workflow makes it easier to transition from searching to collaboration.




Photo Label & Description (no image)

The Paragon Connect detail report and the ConnectView (Classic) now include the photo label and description on all images.


Collaboration Center Texting

An update to the Collaboration Center makes it easy to send text messages from any detail report.
In the report screen, tap the options icon and find the “Text Message” button in the menu.

When you tap this button, the system will open your phone’s default texting app and generate a link to the public version of the detail report. Send this text to any client, with a direct link to the property report.


Updated February 24, 2021