Prepare for your Paragon Upgrade!

Prepare for your Paragon upgrade! 

Exciting times are ahead!

With any upgrade, you can always expect some housekeeping. Before 9/17/2020, follow these steps for some packing and cleaning tips so that when your upgraded Paragon is live, you can move in quickly!


Email, print, or export your contact’s Collab Center Favorites, Possible, Rejects, or Comments, for your records, as these will not carry over.

Go to Contacts > View Manage Contacts > Click on the number in your client’s Favorites, Possible, or Rejected column.

Select the listings and click to email, print, or export a copy for your records.



Automatic notifications will be turned off. Make note of your clients’ notification frequencies, such as Immediate or Recurring.


Existing Auto Email notifications will convert to Collab Center notifications, which you’ll manually reactivate on 9/21.


Copy or print your contact list to ensure all your contacts carried over.


Copy or print your saved search criteria to ensure they carried over correctly.

Click on Contacts > View Manage Contacts > Click on the Contact’s Name > Click on the Saved Search

Take a screenshot of the criteria summary or

Select Print > Print + > Select All Listings > check the box for Search Criteria Page > and select Print.


Delete any old searches or contacts.


Click here for your Paragon upgrade resources and lists of what will and won’t carry over.